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Lucy and Ethel – Rescued from a Life on the Streets

by Melanie

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12.12.14 - Lucy & Ethel1


Another heroic save from Annie & the Rescue from the Hart team:

It’s almost 3 am here in Los Angeles and I’m just getting home from a long day of rescuing.

Below are two of the dogs we saved today. These precious girls were covered with matts and soaked to the bone from the heavy rain we are getting here.

When we arrived at the vet this evening, they didn’t have anyone available to groom them, but I couldn’t stand the thought of Lucy and Ethel spending another night cold, wet and suffering under all their dreaded fur.

So, my friend Patricia and I got to work and began shaving and trimming months (if not years) of neglect away. It took more than three hours to complete, but both girls are now sleeping comfortably.

Their matting was worse this almost any other I have ever seen! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it had to have been for them. 

I’m headed to bed now. I’ll try to post another update tomorrow.