Lucy and Ethel – Rescued from a Life on the Streets

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12.12.14 - Lucy & Ethel1


Another heroic save from Annie & the Rescue from the Hart team:

It’s almost 3 am here in Los Angeles and I’m just getting home from a long day of rescuing.

Below are two of the dogs we saved today. These precious girls were covered with matts and soaked to the bone from the heavy rain we are getting here.

When we arrived at the vet this evening, they didn’t have anyone available to groom them, but I couldn’t stand the thought of Lucy and Ethel spending another night cold, wet and suffering under all their dreaded fur.

So, my friend Patricia and I got to work and began shaving and trimming months (if not years) of neglect away. It took more than three hours to complete, but both girls are now sleeping comfortably.

Their matting was worse this almost any other I have ever seen! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it had to have been for them.¬†

I’m headed to bed now. I’ll try to post another update tomorrow.


40 thoughts on “Lucy and Ethel – Rescued from a Life on the Streets”

  1. I rescued my little Angel from an abusive family. She weighs 4 lbs and was so matted she couldn’t go poop so I followed her home and asked her owner if I could get the little angel groomed and shots. He said yes. He told me he has been trying to get rid of her on Craigs list and no one wanted her. I asked if I could have her and he said yes. When I hold her close to me I just cry wondering how any one could neglect a precious little angel like my sweet little girl. My heart just breaks thinking about all the poor abused and neglected animals in this country.I have a heartbreaking story I could tell about my neighbor’s beautiful dog whom he neglects everyday. I have tried many times to get someone to do something about it. I am told the same thing all the time. The dog has shelter so theres nothing they can do.This poor door is so starved for human attention it just makes me cry to watch it.Any suggestions on what to do other then breaking in the mans house and stealing the poor dog?

    • Contact the organization that did this article. The link at the bottom of the article is: It is a Los Angeles area rescue shelter. If you are not in this area, you can search for one in your area or they may be able to refer you. God be with you for helping your neighbors dog. I hope he gets help also.

    • Yes, by what you are saying this poor dog is definitely being abused and neglected
      I would call the humane society and if they could not help the police and if they
      could not help,get someone you can trust and break a window and take the dog
      when owner is not home. This dog deserves a better life and owners who will take
      good care of the dog and provide lots of love and attention

  2. Dear Melanie…….what a great name! I am also from Los Angeles, but moved away 30 years ago. Your story was touching. Bless you for spending time taking care of someone’s “throw-away” dogs. We have three rescue dogs and five cast-off cats who have adopted us. None of them will ever contribute to the population of unwanted pets.

  3. Shame that a rich country like america has so mucj abuse to animals i am so sad and disappointed
    They should change the law more punishment and more penalty for animal cruelty


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