Magical Mikey Feels Invisible at the Shelter Because No One Has Asked to See Him

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Along with bringing you the latest in dog news from around the world, Life With Dogs also likes to do what it can to help dogs in need.  There are many dogs out there just waiting for a forever family to come and take them home, and wouldn’t it be great if you found your new best friend here with us?!  So, we’re planning on bringing you an adoptable dog, every day!

Today’s Adoptable Dog of the Day is Magical Mikey!


7.12.16 - Mikey2


Magical Mikey is so lonely!  He’s been at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, and since he got there, absolutely no one has asked to see him, and anything about this poor dog at all!  Can you believe that?  Let’s see what the shelter has to say about him.

“Mikey – Our amazing, handsome, 4 ½ year old boy is in need of a home from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.  Mikey likes other dogs, but does not like pushy behavior, so he would most likely prefer to be in a solo dog home.  With cats, Mikey is uninterested.  Mikey also loves to get belly rubs and will spontaneously drop to the floor, exposing his belly.  To be honest, Mikey is not too thrilled to be at the shelter, so its more ‘urgent’ to get him into his forever home sooner, rather than later!  We were lucky enough to be able to send him out to a trainer for “boot camp.”  Mikey did fantastic there and was described as friendly and having the potential to be a wonderful companion.  Since Mikey has been back, he’s been amazing, and calm and READY FOR HIS HOME. Please call for more information: 516-785-5220 or come visit us at: 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh NY

Te see Mikey’s Facebook page, click here.  To see the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter Facebook page, click here.

3 thoughts on “Magical Mikey Feels Invisible at the Shelter Because No One Has Asked to See Him”

  1. Bless his heart. Every dog needs a home. Why did he end up in a shelter ? that breed is going to be tough to find a home for. There are too many of them that are not safe to have around children and to adopt one is even more risky. Really really sad. He is beautiful.

    • Babette, you are ill-informed. Don’t spread incorrect information from propaganda. You are only hurting this sweet dogs chances from those who might be interested but have been mislead about the breed.

    • babette – you are ill-informed. Spreading such propaganda could harm Mikey’s chances from others who are on the fence and also misinformed.


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