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Maltese Finds Lost Wallet and Returns it to Owner

by Katherine

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When Rudy Vonda from Juneau, Alaska, received a phone call telling him his lost wallet had been found, he had no idea what the person on the other end of the phone was referring to. It happens that Vonda unknowingly lost his wallet on the job, and a seven-months-old Maltese, named Bunny, retrieved it and took it home for her owners to see.

Vonda works as sanitation worker with Pacific Waste Management and drives a North Douglas route on Monday mornings. While working, he accidentally dropped his wallet, but lucky for him Bunny found it.

Rudy Vonda (left), Bonnie Gruening and Bunny
Rudy Vonda (left), Bonnie Gruening and Bunny


When the canine brought home the wallet, Bonnie and Brad Gruening, Bunny’s owners, immediately contacted the wallet’s owner.

“I didn’t even know my wallet was missing,” Vonda told Juneau Empire. “When the lady said a dog brought my wallet home, I figured it was a Labrador or German shepherd.”

The sanitation worker made arrangements to return to the Gruenings’ home and pick up his wallet. When he arrived, he was surprised to find out the honest dog, that saved him from having to replace all of his wallet’s content was a small breed pet.

The Gruenings say their pet has a keen nose and this is not the first time she brings home objects as treasure. “She likes to take our neighbors’ shoes,” said Bonnie Gruening.

Thanks to Bunny, her honesty, and her curiosity, Vonda only spend a few hours without his wallet, and best of all he did not have to go through the trouble of canceling and requesting new credit cards.