Man and Dog Saved Each Other’s Lives, & Now They Take the Best Adventures

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Recovering Addict And His Dog Rescued Each Other

“The biggest thing that she’s taught me is to live in the moment. Despite everything that she’s gone through she’s allowed me into her life.”

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, April 11, 2017





He was an addict.  She was nearly put down – twice.  But PJ saved Clove, and she saved him in return.  Now they are taking every day as it comes and loving the adventurous life they’ve built for themselves.




Warmer days and longer stays are a-comin’.

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“Action is the bridge between thought and reality.” – R.N.

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… and only 92 days until Summer. #tongueouttuesday

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“Wake up guys! It’s adventure time!”

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9 thoughts on “Man and Dog Saved Each Other’s Lives, & Now They Take the Best Adventures”

  1. Oh, this just made my day, if not my week!!! God bless PJ for saving Clove! And, looking at all the incredible places they’ve gone! Clove would have NEVER had this awesome a life if not for PJ! They’re living life & enjoying God’s beautiful creation the way it was meant to be! Happy birthday, Clove! And, CONGRATULATIONS, PJ, on 6 years of sobriety!!! May you have many more & may you & Clove enjoy thiusands more adventures together! You’re BOTH a BLESSING!!!

  2. What a really heart warming story. Sometime things are just meant to be and PJ/Clove found each other at a time both were in serious need. I am very happy for you both.

  3. How inspiring! I have started doing this with my 2-year old terrier, Macie! I’m curious to PJ’s career that allows him to do this (no ill intent intended). I would love to travel to these beautiful parks and hike with my little girl.
    PJ and Clove are definitely role models! Thank you!

  4. <3 Awesome , impressive and inspiring story PJ . I would like to contact you cause we adopt a staffy also and took her in the mountain couple of times yet, but we would like to ask you some questions about your approach to Clove . Best Regards


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