Man Arrested for Beating Pit Bull Puppy in Elevator

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*UPDATE 8-24-11:   Max is now available for adoption from the Manhattan Animal Care & Control shelter in NYC. His  ID # is 897764.

NYC Police have arrested Irving Sanchez on charges of animal cruelty after surveillance cameras recorded him abusing a dog in the elevator of his apartment building.

The 46-year-old East Harlem man can be seen repeatedly yanking the dog by its leash, throwing it about the elevator before beating it with its own leash as it cowered in fear. Police monitoring security cameras noticed the attack taking place in the Wagner Houses around 9 p.m. Sunday.

Max (the puppy) is currently in the custody of Animal Care and Control and will be available for adoption in the near future. Irving Sanchez will face charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Warning: graphic content

58 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Beating Pit Bull Puppy in Elevator”

  1. What a big manly man beating up a little puppy. I say we drag Mr. Sanchez around by his collar and slam him up against a wall or 2.

    • not to mention a few kicks around a elevator or so….glad to hear this ******* has been charged with animal abuse!!!!

    • WOW… Donna get a grip! Pits are very often referred to as the “Nanny Dog”. They are by nature sweet, extremely loyal, loving dogs. The enviroment they are brought up in is the only reason these precious dogs are ever mean. It’s from years of abuse and neglect by monsters who are nothing more than a waste of space! Lets be totally honest, we’d be the same way had we been raised that way. As a defense mechanism or out of fear. I’m so tired of people who know nothing about the animal nor ever been around a Pit, labeling them as vicious, killing machines. My Pit is my very best friend and would give her life for me, as I would for her. If “haters” would just choose to educate themselves before they voice their sad opinions, it would be a real nice change for those of us out here who actually do know the breed! Granted there are aggressive Pits, but they weren’t born that way! Small breeds are way more inclined to bite than a Pit, why?, out of fear! Refer back to my reasons why a Pit becomes aggressive, fear was one reason. They are a muscular dog, so to instill fear in them takes some sick neglect and abuse. For all you people who are judging without knowledge, take time, go to your local shelter and spend some time with a Pit, you will be amazed at how wrong you are. Until you do don’t talk about things you know nothing about, going on false facts. How annoying that is. All they want is to be loved and to love back. Those of us who do know the breed MUST speak up for them, in this totally ridiculous society we live in. Banning a breed of dog because of being forced into a fighting ring by some sick monster, who when and if caught gets nothing more than a slap on the wrist, set free to do it again! Laws must be revised for these poor, helpless “victims”, instead of the law protecting the monsters, way harsher laws would mean fewer “victims”. How heartless people can be towards these beautiful animals makes me sick to my stomach….

  2. We thought we hated those secret video cameras, you know, in case they caught you doing embarrassing stuff like sniffing or licking. BUT, this is an excellent reason to love them now! Hope justice will be served to that guy and that puppy gets a chance at a wonderful, loving home!

    The Road Dogs

  3. The laws are to lenient..he’ll get a fine and a slap on the wrist then he’ll go find another pup somewhere and repeat it all over again. The laws protecting animals need to made better. Jail time and working with animals should be the sentence for them and they shouldn’t be allowed to own any pets again. Wish I could just have 5 min with this a–hole.

    • Jessica…you are so right….studies have shown that many child abusers have a history a animal abuse while growing up!

  4. This is a digusting example of what so many are capable of…I hope this poor puppy wasn’t scarred by this and is able to live out a happy life.

  5. This is early training for turning a good dog into a vicious dog for dog fights. Then everyone wants to blame Pits instead of their sick, brainless, gutless owners.

    It’s jerks like this that need to be banned – actually, the guy’s no good, he needs to be shot.


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