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Man Buys $95,000 Truck Because His Rescue Dog Loved It

by Fred

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Diego is a rescue dog that had a hard time being adopted.  For whatever reason, the poor little guy was in a shelter waiting for three years before being adopted by someone.  Today, Diego has a human that loves him so much, he bought a $95,000 tractor-trailer, all because Diego like it so much.  Talk about having a serious love for your dog!

Diego was found wandering the streets of Maricopa County, Arizona.  He was picked up by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and then was taken to Lost Our Pet Rescue (LOH).

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“No one seemed to notice him until Doggy Date Night,” said Jodi Polanski.  Polanski is LOH’s founder and executive director.  Doggy Date Night is an outdoor event that includes a big-screen movie, pet supplies vendors and a “speed dating” portion that got adoptable dogs into the hands of people looking to make an addition to the family.

It was at one of these events where Diego met Ken Toth.  Toth is a long-haul truck driver, and was near the LOH facility in Tempe at the time the event was being held.  He had gone with a friend that volunteers at that LOH facility.

During the Speed Dating portion of things, Toth was handed Diego, and for some reason, a local news station came right up to him, and started interviewing him on the spot.  His reaction was priceless.

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“Look at that face,” Toth said to the camera person.  “How can’t you fall in love with that face?”

He adopted Diego the very next day.

“I kind of tear up when I think about it,” Toth told The Dodo.  “He was the oldest resident there. He had been there for three years, and I felt so bad that no one wanted him.”

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Toth had never and a companion with him on any of the long, over-the-road trips he takes for work.  Having Diego changed all of that, and he saw that he needed his own truck now.  It was for two reasons actually; He was starting his own trucking company, and needed to have space for all of Diego’s things and ensure his comfort while on the road.

Toth brought Diego with him to pick out a new truck.  He thought that Diego deserved a say in the matter, considering he’d be spending a considerable amount of time in the truck.  He also wanted to make sure that the dog felt totally comfortable in it, and be sure any required safety equipment is always at hand.

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They checked out three different trucks.  Diego seriously did not care for the first two.  He just didn’t seem to be able to acclimate himself, and get comfortable.  However, the third time was the charm.  Diego really liked that truck, so Toth decided to buy it for him.  He absolutely refused to not have his best friend by his side in his trucking adventures.

“When I say we don’t get separated, that’s right to the core,” he said.  “It was a $95,000 purchase based on my dog.”

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