Man Comes Forward as Person seen in Surveillance Video “Ditching” Dog

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12.29.14 - ralphie

On Sunday, a man accused of dumping a dog in a Walgreen’s parking lot in San Fernando on Christmas Eve says he was just trying to help.  The animal looked dirty and matted, uncared for in a while, and in need of a meal.

The man says he was simply trying to stop the dog getting hit by a car.  He says he saw the dog moving in and out of traffic.  He figured he would grab the dog and get him off of the road, bringing him to the nearby parking lot.

On Wednesday, a couple feeding stray cats came across the dog and managed to get a handle on him.  At around 9:50pm, he was given over to independent animal rescuer Hailey Moss.

The dog has been dubbed Ralphie.  Ralphie is staying with a short term foster family, and has had a grooming, and of course, a good meal.

It’s believed that Ralphie is a shih tzu and Lhasa apso mix.  There has been a page set up for Ralphie, which you can visit by clicking here.

The website is asking for help with about $2,000 in donations.  They will go towards food and care for Ralphie, also a medical workup and hopefully, placement with a full-time forever family.

There has also been a special email address set up for inquiries on Ralphie.  People are asked to send all questions to [email protected].  The site also has the surveillance video where Ralphie can be seen being left in the parking lot.

As of this morning, $1,100 has been raised to help Ralphie.  Please, consider helping him out as well.

64 thoughts on “Man Comes Forward as Person seen in Surveillance Video “Ditching” Dog”

  1. I assume nothing. I don’t help dogs, because I cannot afford to get stuck with all the vet bills. Yeah it happens, so I just call animal control and tell them where I last saw the animal. This dog looks like a lot of grooming care. It cost no less than 30.00 for a dog doo. Most shops require the dog to be up on vaccinations. It goes on and on. He would still be in trouble if he surrendered the dog.

    • If he just found the dog in the streets, he would not be held responsible for turning it over to animal control or a local pound.

    • Felecia … your compassion will assure you a place at the right hand of the Lord … NOT!

      • Debbie, why are you saying that to Felicia? That’s a horrible thing to say. She’s not abusing them or saying she ever abused any, she’s just being honest about the care that they require. When you adopt an animal or even buy one from a breeder do you really think they’re going to tell you up front, that you have to take it to the vet for shots, buy flea medication, pay to get them heartworm tested & medication & pay the vet whenever it gets sick, surgery if they need it which can be over a thousand dollars, registration each year, food, grooming & pet supplies, which will cost you a lot of money? Of course not, because most people wouldn’t get one then. You have to be honest with people & just because Felicia says she can’t afford it what’s wrong with that? She never said that she had a dog & threw it out the window or she could care less if this dog was abused did she? Just because some people don’t have animals doesn’t give us the right to make horrible remarks about them or say we hate them. I have 2 animals that I love dearly & they’ve never been abused, but they’re a lot of work, time & they cost money. I’ve had mine for 10 yrs. now, but when they pass away, I don’t want anymore. Doesn’t mean I hate animals. And what about the people who have had animals for a year or more & suddenly lose their job? or the owner dies? Don’t be so hard on people!!!!

        • Anonymous, I think Debbie’s comment is directed more at Felecia’s statement that she will not help a dog, not about the costs of caring for a dog. Fact is you can help a dog without getting stuck with bills but too many people will turn a blind eye because they don’t want to get involved.

    • I agree, me too. Don’t get me wrong I love animals & I have 2 of them, but when they go, there’s going to be no more. They’re a lot of work, especially if one person gets stuck taking care of them all the time while the other family members don’t. You have to be able to afford them, be in good health & have the time. I tell everyone that before they even think about adopting an animal.


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