Man Dies Saving Dog Stuck in Well

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The Times of India reports that a man known for his kind, helpful ways has laid down his life for a neighborhood dog, saving it in the process.

“COIMBATORE: Old age and related physical ailments never deterred P Muthusamy from taking risk for the benefit of others. A resident of Kalayannur near Chinnathadagam on the outskirts of the city, this 68-year-old motor mechanic was always a phone call away for those in distress in the neighbourhood.”

Last Wednesday, Muthusamy climbed down a 100-foot deep abandoned well to rescue a neighbor’s pet dog. Members of the community assisted by lowering him with a rope – the elderly man disappeared into the shaft of the well, and in only a matter of minutes, a shaken but safe dog emerged, hoisted by the same rope Muthusamy had used to lower himself into the well.

Once the dog was secure, the rope was passed to Muthusamy: neighbors began pulling the hero to safety when tragedy struck. Ten feet from the top of the well the rope snapped, plunging the man into darkness. Fire and rescue personnel arrived quickly, but they were too late – Muthusamy was found dead, submerged in water at the base of the well, his life sacrificed for the sake of a frightened, helpless animal.

Rescue personnel say Muthusamy died instantly on impact and did not suffer.

12 thoughts on “Man Dies Saving Dog Stuck in Well”

  1. words cannot adequately express what i’m feeling. what a wonderful man…may he rest in peace, knowing he died expressing compassion for a helpless being…

  2. What an awful end to such a wonderful kind mans life, I think its so awful that this very kind act ended so tragically 🙁 God Bless Him

  3. at least this man did what he thought was right , and that’s saying alot. Most of the people in these GOD forsaken countries could care less about any animal…But I know now there are some good people in the other world..Not many but some….God Bless this man…..

    • Terree, how very off base you are in your assessment of the rest of the world and your categorization and judgment of people you truly know nothing about. there are good and bad people all over the world. I live in the United States, in a state known for its puppy mills, and where cock-fighting and dog fighting are popular, undercover (and illegal) “sports.” A state where the legislature is attempting to criminalize covert recording of farm operations lest some of their abusive practices come to light. I trust you read the story on this site about the man who was caught on camera beating and slamming a pup against the walls of an elevator. I see these types of stories constantly and they break my heart. Come down off your arrogant, biased high horse. We in the west have no case for casting stones when it comes to animal abuse. Period.

      • Thank-you, Michael. My jaw dropped when I read Terree’s comment about “the people in these GOD foresaken countries” not caring for animals. How ignorant! May this man rest in peace and I pray to GOD that this type of xenophobia doesn’t exist in heaven!

  4. way to go, may God hold a special place for you, for all the good deeds you
    did for your fellow man and animal !
    God bless you man !


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