Man Leaves Dog in Car and Forgets Where He Parked

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A pet owner learned the hard way he should never leave his pet unattended inside his vehicle. The man forgot where he parked and spent two days frantically searching for his car and his four-legged best friend.

Fisherman Javier Gonzales from A Coruña, Spain, loves his six-year-old boxer named Chiqui. He’s had her since she was just 8-weeks-old. The dog goes with him everywhere, even on fishing trips, but on New Year’s Eve instead of leaving Chiqui home alone while he welcomed the new year, Gonzales headed to a New Year’s celebration and left the pet in the car.

Javier Gonzales, once reunited with Chiqui.
Javier Gonzales, once reunited with Chiqui.


A. Coruña’s weather is not hot during this time of year, therefore the dog was not exposed to extreme heat inside the vehicle. Nevertheless, a dog should never be left alone in a car.

Gonzales says he doesn’t drink, but on Dec. 31, 2014, he had some champagne, and when the party was over and he headed to his car, the man couldn’t remember where he parked. He searched for hours and didn’t find his vehicle, he then enlisted the help of a friend and local taxi drivers to drive around town in search of his car and pet.

The dog owner was desperate to find his four-legged best friend, he was worried his dog would die from thirst. On Jan.1st, 2015, Gonzales convinced himself his car was stolen with Chiqui inside. The pet owner even made a police report, but around midnight on Jan. 2nd, a taxi driver contacted Gonzales to say they had finally found his car and his dog was still in it.

The forgetful owner rushed over to the location just a few blocks away from the nightclub he celebrated New Year’s Eve. He opened the car’s doors for his pet and Chiqui rushed out to relieve herself. The dog had not potty in two days. Thanks to the cool temperature during this time of the year, enough condensation collected on the car’s windows and Chiqui licked these to stay hydrated.

Many local who read about Gonzales irresponsible act volunteered to take Chiqui off the pet owner’s hands, but Gonzales said he loves his dog and this was a one-time mistake he is never making again.

Chiqui is in good health and remains well cared for with Gonzales.