Man Risks Radiation Poisoning to Save Fukushima’s Abandoned Animals

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11.29.15 - radioactive1


According to BBC News, a man by the name of Naoto Matsumura is the last person living in Tomioka, Japan.  The area was devastated after the disasters at the Fukushima power plant, causing almost all of its residents to flee.


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People left in such a rush that many doors were left open, and many animals were left abandoned.  Matsumura has taken it upon himself to be the personal guardian of the animals still living in the area.


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He takes care of all of the abandoned animals, and lives by candlelight.  He’s become known as the Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals.


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He does his best to ensure that he gets as much food as possible for himself and the animals from outside the disaster zone. However, because he’s decided to stay behind to help, he’s most likely the world’s most radioactive man.

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“From then on, I fed all the cats and dogs every day.”


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“They couldn’t stand the wait, so they’d all gather around barking up a storm as soon as they heard my truck.”


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“Everywhere I went there was always barking. Like ‘we’re thirsty’ or ‘we don’t have any food’ so I just kept making the rounds.”


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325 thoughts on “Man Risks Radiation Poisoning to Save Fukushima’s Abandoned Animals”

  1. C0mpassion for the defenseless be they human or bird , fish, sea and landborn animals, is the sign of humanitys oneness, and connection to the even greater oneness by all of creations lifeforms.
    It is not hard to understand the massive amounts of callousness the animal owers show for their lost toys, hell they let the government kill their children andbstill keep exporting radioactive foods and slaughtering tens of thpusandsbof small whalesdolphins andseals and sea lions in acts of pure savage abandon.
    That by theirbsilence they condemned tens of millionsnof Pacific voast canadians andnAmericans to illness and death from radiation has no parralel in all of earths history of cowardly acts.

  2. I was teary-eyed upon reading the story. His face is of an angel at peace and doing Godly work. God is amazing sending people and angels to do His work on earth no matter how impossible it is. This is a perfect example. It is from God to have this Godly desire to help with those animals in desperate situation.. I couldn’t fathom it in any other way.

  3. Nice article, wish they had given a pay pal account we could donate to him. I hope he doesn’t get radiation poisoning. There are so few men that are able to love animals like this.


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