Man Sentenced up to 15 Years for Dog Fighting

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 12.19.13 - Dog Fighter Given up to 15 Years1

Shane Santiago was sentenced to 7-1/2 to 15 years for running a dog fighting ring out of the family’s Pennsylvania home. His wife, Laura Acampora, was also sentenced for her role in the ring, along with allowing their children to witness the gruesome treatment of the pit bulls.

It is believed that at least 10 dogs were killed, and even more injured in the ring. Bodies of pit bulls were callously flung on the sides of roads. Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan called the residence “a house of horrors for the dogs that lived there.”

This was a full gladiator’s gym for dogs. We found training tools to teach the dogs how to bite. We found training tools to teach the dogs to attack. We found medication, a steroidal type of medication, to amp up their savagery,” Hogan said.

Six dogs’ lives were saved by the police who busted the ring.

12.19.13 - Dog Fighter Given up to 15 Years2

Judge Thomas G. Gavin sentenced Santiago to up to 15 years in state prison for his actions. Santiago attempted to downplay his reprehensibility by claiming that he grew up around dog fighting, and likened it to hunting. The judge did not share his opinion.

I cannot conceive of anyone not having a natural (friendly) feeling toward animals,” Judge Gavin said. “I don’t think that any animal should be kept for the purpose of fighting. It is just completely foreign to me.”

Acampora was sentenced to 23 months for failing to protect her children from witnessing such horrors. The parents allowed their five children to see a dog stomped to death and one dog eating another.

It can only be hoped that the dogs and children will be placed in homes where they will be shown love and compassion.






8 thoughts on “Man Sentenced up to 15 Years for Dog Fighting”

  1. Morons, I pray the kids find homes and foster parents that teach them compassion or animals otherwise the cycle will continue. I will never understand how people can think this is okay.

  2. This is just a scratch into the real world of abusers. Its happening in your neighbors basement, the horse farm 20 miles outside of city limits, the warehouse your friend works at…it’s everywhere.
    I cannot fathom the “excitement” these spectators feel…it’s beyond comprehension. For the trainers/owners…such little respect for life…imagine how they feel about humans at times.
    Sickening….PLEASE REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR. The more we catch the less this torture will continue.

  3. I think in addition to this jail time, I think she should be sterilized and he should be castrated. These degenerates should not have animals ever again nor should they have human children either. We do not need such horrors of humans adding to the gene pool.

  4. If a pit bites someone, it’s death penalty. But when people abuse them and kill them in horrid ways, they only get a slap on their wrist! These people don’r deserve trial!


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