Mangy, Motor Oil-Coated Dog Rescued & Recovering

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8.21.14 - Motor Oil Dog Rescued1

When two-year-old Airedale/Rottweiler Diego was found tied up to a pole in San Antonio, Texas, he was missing hair from mange and covered in used motor oil.  Thankfully, he is now recovering, but we take this time to ask readers to share this important message:  motor oil is an ineffective and dangerous way to treat mange.

It is apparent that Diego’s owners tried to treat his sarcoptic mange the best way they knew how, but after their attempt was unsuccessful, they simply abandoned the sticky, uncomfortable dog at the North Side Humane Society shelter.  Staff quickly got to work on cleaning and pampering the poor pup.

8.21.14 - Motor Oil Dog Rescued2

“When greeted, Diego stood right up with his tail wagging and was ready to enter the SAHS,” read a statement on their website.  “He immediately went into spa mode, receiving numerous baths to remove the motor oil that was drenched all over his coat and skin.”

Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious.  Like head lice in humans, mites can easily jump from one dog to another.  According to Vet MD, they burrow under the skin, causing intense itching and scratching, which is what causes dogs’ hair to fall out.  The first symptoms may take anywhere from two to six weeks to present after exposure.

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Many people mistakenly believe that slathering on the motor oil will help, but this is highly toxic to dogs.  If you wouldn’t bathe in it, your dogs shouldn’t, either.

In addition to a severe case of the itchies, Diego had to deal sludgy, smelly, poisonous oil on his skin.  He also may have been blinded in his right eye, and will soon be going to a specialist.  A foster family has been provided for him, but monetary donations would be greatly appreciated to assist with his recovery.  If you would like to help, please click here.



176 thoughts on “Mangy, Motor Oil-Coated Dog Rescued & Recovering”

    • Many years ago before oil companies started putting addictive in motor engine oil this treatment worked and didn’t hurt our dogs, we had an Irish wolfhound and a beagle and both contracted mange. My father used used motor oil on both dogs and it healed them, stopped the itching and their hair grew back in a pretty and soft as when they were puppies.

      • Raven you are correct! I know someone who used it on their dog. For years the poor dog was suffering from some sort of skin disease, an old neighbour came to rescue advising to use old diesel oil. Apparently healed it!

      • We was always instructed to go out with a gun and dispose of stray dogs with mange, but yes motor oil will cure the red mange

      • Regardless of what others say, motor oil works. I grew up in the 80s and I’ve witnessed this treatment on dogs and it healed them. Just seen on Dirty Jobs how they use it to treat camels as well.

  1. ANYBODY!!! who abuse poor defenseless animals deserve to literally rot in HELL!
    You are scum of the earth.

  2. I hope this poor pup gets well soon. These people should have checked with a vet before putting motor oil on him. Get well Diego!

  3. Poor baby. I hope they are able to get rid of that awful mange and he can recover and live a life with people who will love and care for him.

    • No, motor oil is not a proven cure to mange. Please quit spreading misinformation.

      What would happen if you pour motor oil all over your dog? For starters, there’s always the severe rashes that will result due to skin irritation. It will also cause extensive skin damage, because your dog’s skin will actually absorb all the toxic chemicals from the motor oil.

      That’s all just on the surface too, but it gets much worse than that. When a dog absorbs the oil through the skin, it penetrates the body and affects the internal system as well. Obviously, this causes a whole new host of problems, such as drastic changes in the blood pressure, as well as severe kidney and liver damage.

      Unfortunately there’s one more gruesome aspect left to cover. Remember how dogs just love to lick and bite themselves all over, especially if they have mange? Well, what happens if they follow their instincts and proceed to lick their own skin… after being coated with motor oil?

      Yes, they’ll swallow it, and the oil will induce vomiting, which in turn will introduce some of the oil into the lungs as well. This subsequently gives them pneumonia.

  4. Let me educate you – mange mites are on all dogs but are kept in check by the dog being in a healthy condition. When a dog gets an infection somewhere on his body that isn’t treated the mites then multiply and become rampant on their skin. When you treat the infection with antibiotics and they get healthy the mites can then be dealt with. We use a mixture of 20 Mule team borax, water and a little Dawn dish washing detergent as a spray and it works(look online for the amounts. We have had to deal with this twice in the last year. Our lab had a bad ear infection both times and the mites appeared and hair fell out around neck and patches on other parts of body. Takes a couple weeks.

  5. they didnt mistreat the dog!! read the article… they did what they thought was right to get rid of mange (bc it is proven burnt motor oil can get rid of it), they just didnt know any better. when it didnt work, they dropped him off. to me that means if they were abusing him, they wouldnt have gone through the trouble of trying to treat his mange (which is not from abuse)

    • (burnt motor oil can get rid) maybe you can try using the motor oil on yourself to help with your “brain dead” thinking.

    • Yeah, I read the article,,,so what??!! Ever heard of the internet or check out the nearest telephone book to find a vet or use your cellular phone and look the damn treatment up!!!! These people are morons and shouldn’t be allowed to have pets of any kind. It’s called research!!!


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