Manny is Missing. Seattle Woman Pleads For Return of Service Dog.

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Photo: KIRO7 -----------------------------------
Photo: KIRO7

South Seattle resident Jane Pecelunas says she is legally blind. She depends a lot on her service dog, Manny, to help her get around.

“It’s hard for me to get across streets because I can’t see the cars. Everything blends in,” she told Seattle news station KIRO7. “Now that he’s gone I’m not confident to get around by myself.”

But when her daughter, Unique, suffered a fall last week, she lost the pit bull who gave her so much independence.

“It was just the sidewalk and I tripped over [hit my head] and next thing I know I was in the hospital,” Unique said. “And when I got to the hospital they said I didn’t have a dog with me or anything.”

They think the dog may have wandered off.

Posters now plead for Manny’s return throughout their Rainier Beach neighborhood.

“He’s just a lovable dog,” Unique said. “Everyone loves him in the neighborhood.”

Manny is a three-year-old, red-and-white pittie with light eyes and a light colored nose. He is not chipped, but was wearing a collar and tags with his service dog numbers when last seen.

It’s very devastating,” Jane said. “My heart is totally broken.”

The women say they are trying to collect reward money in the hope that someone will be prompted to bring Manny home.

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