Man’s truck is stolen with his 12-year-old lab in the back

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Will Baker and his black lab Ace have been friends and hunting partners for 11 years. “I’ve hunted with him 25 to 30 times a year for the past 11 years,” Baker said. This past Thursday they were headed on another weekend hunting trip when Baker stopped off at a Harbor Freights in Channelview, Texas to get some supplies. He was only in the store for about 20 minutes, but when he came outside his truck was gone. So was his friend Ace.

Ace had been in a crate in the back of his 2005 Chevy pickup that Baker had parked in one of the closest spots to the store. The truck also contained thousands of dollars of hunting gear. Baker isn’t concerned about the hunting gear though, “That’s what we pay our insurance premiums for, for that kind of stuff,” he said. “But the dog, that’s irreplaceable. Hopefully if they decide to keep it or someone finds it, they’re nice to the dog.”

When Baker saw that the truck was gone he called 911. Unfortunately the store does not have surveillance video. Ace doesn’t have an ID chip and Baker is hoping someone will find his friend, but most importantly he hopes Ace is safe. “He doesn’t bite, he won’t hurt you,” he said. “I just don’t want him to be hurt.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS

10 thoughts on “Man’s truck is stolen with his 12-year-old lab in the back”

  1. What the hell is wrong with people??. I really hope you get your buddy back safe and sound. I’m sorry and I wish I could help you find the dirt bag who took him. I’d love to teach him a lesson he’d never forget.

  2. Update please! We’re all worried! Is he chipped? Tagged? Have you put up posters in case he was noticed after the truck was stolen and then let off? Someone would have found him and could be looking for the owner! I’m so sorry for both of you, I am sure he misses you as much you miss him!

  3. Ace returned home today. A good samaritan found him in a busy intersection and recognized him from a post on the internet.

    • How do you know this ? People all over the country are looking for this dog. Can the owner contact the newspaper so they can update the public ?


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