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Manufacturer Introduces New Line of Dog Hairnets


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Ok readers, it’s time for you to weigh in: we’re still giggling at the concept, but maybe you’ll find this invention useful. Or maybe all of our dogs would end up working in school cafeterias…[divider]

PetNetPlace is proud to announce the availability of fashionable DoggyHairNets which control shedding dog hair and look great at the same time. Simply zip the great-looking, lightweight mesh DoggyHairNets on Fido, and dog hairs are instantly trapped. Unzip the washable DoggyHairNet and shake the hairs off when convenient. No more having to use lint rollers, vacuum cleaners and dog blankets in the car. No more dog hairs floating in the air!

DoggyHairNets come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes and trims and are very affordable at less than $15. They are recommended by experts to reduce dog allergies in the home and car. They have also been shown to be of comfort to nervous dogs. They can be worn for hours at a time without discomfort. Dog owners are singing the praises of DoggyHairNets. ”It is such a pleasure to let Maxi on the sofa and not have to worry about him leaving hair everywhere,” says Andrew Bram, Chicago, IL.

“I was constantly vacuuming dog hair in my house and car – DoggyHairNets has changed all that,“ says Fred Rembert, inventor of DoggyHairNets. The response has been overwhelming – dog owners feel like they’ve been liberated and dogs everywhere are back on sofas and in cars where they belong.”

DoggyHairNets are not just limited to dog lovers – dog groomers and professional dog handlers have taken an interest in the product because it is wearable for long periods of time, and it breathes and moves fluidly with dogs’ movements. Pet boutiques and pet stores are finding it is a product that resonates with their customers.

DoggyHairNets are currently available online and in select pet stores.