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Mechanics Rescue Dog Trapped Inside Car’s Motor

by Katherine

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Tuercas being held by one of the mechanics who rescued him.
Tuercas being held by one of the mechanics who rescued him.

When a car owner drove up to a mechanic shop in Chile for a routine wheel alignment, the last thing he expected mechanics to tell him was that there was a dog trapped in his vehicle’s motor, but the truth was a puppy had wedged himself under the hood of the car getting trapped, and somehow survived the trip to the shop.

Mechanics noticed the foreign four-legged car part when they raised the vehicle and saw four little dog legs dangling from inside the motor. Surprisingly, the canine was in perfect conditions and experts said the pet’s survival was nothing short of a miracle. The dog could have easily died from the high temperatures emitted by the car’s motor.

The canine was not only rescued at the mechanic shop but he was also adopted. Pablo Valenzuela was at the shop that day and he decided to take the pet home. He named the dog Tuercas (Nail Nuts) and welcomed the lucky survivor into his home.

Congratulations Tuercas, you cheated death and found your forever home on the same day!