Medal Tribute for Fallen Bomb Dog and Handler

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Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, 26, was killed by small arms fire while he and his dog Theo were on patrol in Helmand province on March 1st. Theo died of a seizure just hours later, leading to speculation that the devoted canine died of a broken heart.

Yesterday Liam’s family received a campaign medal on his behalf in a ceremony held at St George’s Barracks in North Luffenham, Rutland. His mother accepted her son’s medal as the squadron was given a commendation from the Commander of Joint Force Support Afghanistan, Brigadier Alister Davis, for “distinguished service in the support of Operation Herrick” in Afghanistan.

CO Major Caroline Emmett praised Tasker for his service. “He was a fantastic character and our most successful dog handler to date,” she said.

The original video report from early March.

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6 thoughts on “Medal Tribute for Fallen Bomb Dog and Handler”

  1. This is a terrible thing. And unlike natural disasters that kill people and other critters this is a direct result of a criminal act by our government that continues to this day. What we need to do is rally around these needless and horrible deaths and let the people responsible for the blood letting stand trial for their ciminal acts: Bush/Cheney and their criminal associates, Obama and his criminal associates. All war criminals and all are directly responsible for these needless deaths. Shame! America! Force them to stop.

  2. I remember reading about these two when the incident happened, what I found most upsetting though, was that governments see fit to involve these poor creatures out conflicts. The dog Theo was practically a puppy, and they sent him to Afghanistan to dodge bullets, mines and who knows what else.


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