Meeps Has had it VERY Rough and She Needs a Quiet, Relaxed Home to Go to

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4.17.17 Meeps2


Meeps is a special girl.  She’s been through so much in life, and someone had hurt her very badly.  Thankfully, that part of her life is over, but it’s left her in a position where she’s quite terrified of the shelter, and she needs a new home fast.  Our friends at the Humane Rescue Alliance out of the Washington DC area have brought her to our attention, so we’re featuring her today as our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day.

Let’s let the Humane Rescue Alliance introduce Meeps:


4.17.17 Meeps3


Shhhh!  Please don’t be too loud when you come to meet me.  My name is Meeps, and I’ve had kind of a tough time in life.  You see, before I came to the shelter, I got hurt pretty bad.  And even though they’re patching me up just great here, I guess it’ll take a while to patch up my confidence.

Right now I’m pretty nervous in most situations.  I just lean up against the nearest person and tremble. But I’m not giving up!  Meeps never gives up!  They tell me that pretty soon, I’ll get to go into a home of my very own, with a family that will love me forever.  I don’t know if I believe in something that nice, but I bet if I ever do, that family will get to see a part of me that no one else has ever gotten to see!


4.17.17 Meeps1


They’ll see the Meeps that likes to roll around in the bed and eat peanut butter and go on walks to chase the squirrels.  And pretty soon those trembly leg leans will turn into full-on cuddles.  And I’ll get to get fat and have all my scabs heal up.  I really hope someone will give me a chance to become that dog.  Do you think you could be the one?  Email my foster mom to set up a good time to meet me! [email protected]

To see the Humane Rescue Alliance’s main page, click here.  To see their Facebook, click here.