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Meet Adorable Little Boogie Shoes: A Tiny Dog with a Giant Spirit

by Fred

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Little Boogie Shoes is a special needs pup.  He has a neurological disorder that causes him to do quite a bit a wobbling while he walks.  Regardless, his spirit is at least one hundred times bigger than he is, and his energy is non-stop.  He’s the tiny dog that has a ton to give.

When he was born, the doctors didn’t give much hope for him.  He was very sickly and small, and they could tell something was amiss with him.  He used to only weigh about 12 ounces, which even though he’s a small breed, is still extremely small.

Despite vets not thinking he’d make it, he’s gone on to prove everyone wrong.  He’ happy, gaining weight, and getting healthier every day.  His family says he has a ton of energy and is very playful and active with his other animal friends.

Boogie Shoes has his own website!  Check it out now by clicking here.  Special thanks to The Dodo for sharing the video.