Men Pose as Animal Control Officers to Steal Pets

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Animal control officers in North Carolina’s Randolph, Montgomery and Moore counties are warning pet owners to be alert after three men posing as officers attempted to steal area dogs.

Moore County Animal Control Officer Frank Ringelberg offers the following reminder: “All our agents are in uniform, all marked. Our trucks are marked. We are really easy to identify.” The most important distinction? None of those posing as officers have been wearing badges.

The imposters are described as wearing white shirts and blue pants. Anyone with information about the cases is asked to call the Moore County Sheriff’s Office at 910-947-2931.

9 thoughts on “Men Pose as Animal Control Officers to Steal Pets”

  1. How scary. I hope that those guys are caught. I hope that they don’t get any dogs. That is just so wrong.

  2. The labs must be running out of animals for experimentation purposes, or the dog fighting rings need fresh animals.

    That’s why I always shake my head when I see a “Free Puppies” (or kittens) ad… That’s SUCH a bad idea! Lab workers check those ads every day for free animals to collect.

    • Victoria,

      That is such rubbish. You do not know anything about lab work if you are perpetuating such crap. You can NOT use random animals for lab-based research. The results would be meaningless because you can not account for the variabilities of such animals. Any results you try to use would only be easily refuted and your work would be for nothing, so what would be the point? It doesn’t even make sense to think to use anything of the sort.

      Imagine you put skin cream on a dog. If it reacted or not wouldn’t tell you anything because you do not know if the dog had any allergies or even resistance to an allergen. You wouldn’t know if some latent disease was lurking that could change the immune system in such a way to over or under react. It would be MEANINGLESS.

      I don’t know what “lab” people you think you’ve known, but that is crap. The sad part is that you so truly believe this and it makes me grieve for the the dumbing down of our nation and the world in general.

      It’s not an issue of being “discriminating,” you simply can’t use the results. Especially to publish the work.

      I do agree that “Free Puppies/Kittens” are sometimes not given loving homes and may be used as bait animals or food, but that’s because I’ve seen it.

      The likelihood of someone trying to steal a Dane for dog fighting is very low. Now for breeding and puppy sales, much more probable. C’mon people, it’s a Dane. I know thinking is overrated, but c’mon, just try it.

      To the people who are stealing dogs (for whatever purpose), may Karma smack you down hard. It’s sickening to know that a fur-baby could possibly be ripped from a loving home like that. When in doubt call the authorities.

      Victoria, please educate yourself before you start spouting off at the helm.

  3. Very sad, but FYI… I’ve worked at a research facility that used rodents, primates AND dogs, and they wouldn’t use “free puppies” even if the breeders paid the lab to take them. They are very strict about the animals used and even the mongrels used were specially bred to avoid certain genetic issues and were several hundred dollars at least. These guys are most likely looking for puppy mill breeders or to turn around and sell a stolen dog…

    • Dear Anonymous, you are most likely right, but I know people who’ve worked for other research facilities, and they weren’t quite as discriminating as yours.

  4. I hope the authorities are posting this story all over North Carolina and I hope they catch these guys and find out who they are and what they are up to. Obviously no they up to NO good and I hope all dogs owners in the area have already heard about this story. I think they can go to jail for impersonating someone who works for a government agency.

    This is so disturbing!

  5. To people who “liked” Victoria’s statement: You sadden me.

    Please don’t be fooled by thinking PETA is for helping pets and that the Humane Society of America is for helping animal shelters. Educate yourselves.

    • PS: I say “Dane”, because I researched the original report and found that the owner who blew the whistle on these guys came home to find them trying to take their Great Dane.

      I checked just to be sure it wasn’t another Facebook hoax before I even read the comments here. Then I went and found the report. I don’t just share items because someone suggests that I do.

  6. There is data coming forward about B Class Dog businesses that are actually stealing dogs for illegial Dog Meat trade in US and Canada for people who like to eat dog meat… Large dogs like these would bring them a lot of money for that purpose. (as in foreign countries – we are not excempt) If you do research on this you will find that those who eat dog meat believe it is only good if the dog is tortured to death. it is the delicacy of that fact that make the meat serve the purpose of “making a man look more masculine”. We need to educate all parts of the world that this is not true, is cruel and barbaric…and dogs as a species for all that they have done… and deserve a special place in our lives, and that is not on a plate.


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