Men Walk Half Mile Through Swamp to Rescue Injured Dog

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After being spotted by a motorist lying in a swamp in Laplace, Louisiana, a dog was rescued by a Louisiana State Trooper and an employee of Cajun Pride Swamp Tours.  Now, the pair are setting up a GoFundMe page for the dog, hoping to be able to get him the medical attention he needs.


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Captain Brandon from the swamp tours and the trooper slogged through a half a mile of marshy swamp just to get to the dog.  When they finally got close enough, it was clear that the dog had a leg injury, but otherwise seemed to be alright and actually thankful for the help.


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According to the fundraiser page, he was then taken to a local animal shelter for treatment.  He is set today to be transferred to a facility better equipped to handle his injury and other medical needs.  The goal is to eventually get him to the Jefferson SPCA, where he will hopefully find a good forever home.


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The fundraiser page is asking for $2,500 to help cover medical expenses.  So far, about $1,900 of the goal has been reached.  Please, if you are able, please consider donating to this very worthy cause.


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For more information about this very sweet dog, or to donate, you can go to, and search for “Laplace Interstate Rescue Dog,” or click here.

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