Dog Missing for Year After Crash Heads Home

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A violent car crash took the lives of Monica Benson’s husband and daughter in June of last year, and until this week, it was believed that the family dog had also perished in the accident.

Shortly after the crash, family members scoured the area searching for Caesar, but the dog was nowhere to be found. With the passage of time came acceptance of Caesar’s loss as the family focused on healing – but Benson’s youngest son was not ready to say goodbye to his four-legged pal.

18-month old Benjamin Benson was placed in an Intensive Care Unit at an Amarillo hospital after surviving the accident. “While Benjamin was in the ICU, we placed a picture of him and Caesar on the walls.” Monica Benson told the Quay County Sun. “When he woke up he would point at the pictures and say Caesar.”

Sadly, Benjamin’s concern for his dog did not wane when he was sent home. “It has been so hard,” Monica Benson said. “There are pictures all over the house and Benjamin would point at them and ask “where’s Caesar?”

On Friday, Christina Flemming, a member of the Tucumcari Animal Rescue Group, answered that question when she found Caesar in the Tucumcari animal shelter during a routine weekly visit.

Flemming went to the shelter looking for candidates she could pull for adoption. Seven dogs were chosen that day: all were taken to a local vet for microchip scans. “There was a chip implanted in a cute little Maltese we had named “Prince Harry,” Flemming said. “I called the chip contact and was given a phone number for a woman in Michigan.”

The number was disconnected. Flemming said a gut instinct prompted the internet search that would eventually lead her to the Benson family after she read an online article about the family, the crash, and their lost dog. “I found the obituary and contacted the funeral home in Michigan,” Flemming said. “A woman named Rhonda helped me to get in contact with Caesar’s owners.”

Flemming and Benson worked out travel arrangements for Caesar, who will return next week to much fanfare. Benson says said her four surviving children have been celebrating the good news, and are making welcome home posters for Caesar.

“This has been the best news we have received in a year,” Benson said. “Words can not describe how much this means.”

7 thoughts on “Dog Missing for Year After Crash Heads Home”

  1. What a wonderful story! Caesar coming home after a full year to be reunited with his family. Benjamin will be getting his buddy back! I love it.

  2. Gotta ask what is the point of having microchips if shelters won’t or don’t scan for them? This dog survived this horrific accident only to almost lose his life before the rescue lady found him and wouldn’t give up on him! I think someone needs to provide some oversight to the shelter – I don’t care how underfunded they are it only takes a few seconds to scan a dog and pick up the darn phone! And there are microchip companies that DONATE chip readers to shelters and rescues and vets, for pete’s sake!!! And rescue organizations that have fundraisers to BUY chip readers for those who cannot foot the bill to buy one!

    This is also a great reminder that those who DO microchip their beloved dogs for heaven’s sake keep their information current!!! It is shameful that a few of the microchip companies charge a fee to update the information (which says to me that they might advertise how compassionate they are but when it comes to grubbing a few more stinking dollars they have no morals or ethics) but most at least let you put a new phone number on the account without nickle and diming you.

    Still shocked: shelters who don’t or won’t scan for microchips?? What’s THEIR excuse?! What is WRONG with people???

    • Diane and Rox said it all….I thought all shelters scanned for microchips….they shouldn’t even be called a shelter if they don’t. Aside from that this story is wonderful….I had a Maltese for 16 1/2 years and couldn’t imagine the extra heartbreak that lack of scanning caused this family.

    • I completely agree… both of my schnauzers are chipped and I would be devistated if I lost one of them and a shelter wouldn’t even bother to scan them…. makes no sense…

    • First of all, what a heartwarming story … and my applause goes out to Ms. Flemming to pursue the chip information. As a former shelter manager, all I can say is that I REQUIRED all animals to be scanned. I made it a part of the examination process. The entire animal is scanned, since over time it has been known for older chips to “migrate”. Good shelters do it, many don’t. Although I do not condone it, it’s all a matter of time and resources … and a staff is only as good as their leadership. The microchip companies will send any shelter organization or veterinarian’s office a free, universal scanner, with just a request, so there is no excuse for these place not to have one. On the other side of things, it is important for owners to keep their information current with the chip companies. I cannot tell you how many animals ended up in our shelter with a chip that we could not track down; people move, change phone numbers, etc. It is so important to register the chip with the company and keep it up-to-date! All of my “kids” are chipped; and I’ve moved several times over the years. Even thought some of the companies charge me to update my information every time, this is a risk I will not take. They also wear collars with ID on them. I’m just pleased with this wonderful happy ending 🙂

  3. This has brought tears to my eyes..What a wonderful ending for him and his family..I wish them all well..Am sorry they lost their family members but am sure they are the ones responsible for getting him back home… 😉


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