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Midnight Reunion: Dog Missing 6 Months Finds Her Way Home


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Six months after she went missing, a Pensylvania dog has found her way home, making a dramatic entrance and mending the broken heart of her guardian.

South Philly resident Raymond Godfrey found Noel, a Labrador Retriever, huddled under the Walt Whitman bridge seven years ago. When he brought the abandoned dog home, he never could have imagined the bond that would form between them Рor the journey that she would embark upon after a door accidentally left open last summer sent her back to the streets.

Despite exhausting every available option, the search for Noel proved fruitless, and Godfrey said that while he never gave up hope, he feared for the life of his best friend. All of that changed at 12:27 last Wednesday morning when, 6 months to the day Noel went missing, Godfrey and his wife were asleep in bed when they awoke to the sound of a dog howling outside.