Military Dog Honored for Her Heroics

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Layka has become the first canine to receive an honor from the 341st Training Squadron, the organization that trains dogs for the military. The 3-year-old Belgian Malinois is being recognized for her heroism in Afghanistan this summer.

Layka was working with a U.S. Special Forces unit in Afghanistan when she was dispatched to inspect a building. While searching the building for explosives and enemy combatants Layka was ambushed by an assailant. She was shot in the abdomen and right front leg but continued to protect her team members. Even with her gunshot wounds she attacked and subdued the assailant. Layka’s actions helped prevent multiple casualties.

Layka was treated by her handler and a physician’s assistant before being flown to a hospital where she underwent several surgeries. She lost her right front leg, but is otherwise recovering well.  She no longer can serve and has been adopted by her handler, who is one of the many soldiers she helped save. “He’s very excited to get her and thankful he had her that day,” said Maj. Jason Harris.

Layka was presented with a medal of heroism  on September 12th from the 37th Training Group. “The medal is unofficial because no decoration exists for military working dogs, but we felt Layka deserved recognition,” said Maj. Harris. “What these dogs do, day in and day out, is phenomenal. They do save lives. Layka was shot and still attacked the person shooting her. She’s been through a lot, and what she did is nothing less than heroic.”

3 thoughts on “Military Dog Honored for Her Heroics”

  1. It is past time the military devises a system to recognize all of these amazing service dogs, who do so much and make so many sacrifices for the good of our Country. I seriously doubt the US even has a system in place to give an accurate count of the number of number of these courageous dogs who have given their lives in service to our country. I heard that some group is finally erecting a memorial somewhere in their honor, but even that it is being held up do to lack of funding likely because of lack of awareness of the cause. We need to band together to lobby Congress to establish a Medal fitting for these brave and unyielding animals. They should also receive veteran’s benefits, in the form of subsidized Veterinary care and the right to shop at the PX for the handler for dog food and supplies. These dogs are heroes and should be treated as such, when they retire. Just the lives they’ve saved make these minimal benefits worthwhile. I urge you to contact you Congressman today, and ask him or her to sponsor just such a Bill today, with these provisions.

  2. You have a good idea JohnQ, why don’t you start a petition on and start the ball rolling. It’s obvious that you have done a little research on this subject and would without doubt gather a lot of signatures. It takes 25,000 to submit a petition to the White House and that should be easy with this.


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