Miracle Dog Survives Alabama Gas Chamber, Finds New Home

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Eleventh Hour Rescue of Rockaway New Jersey is fostering a canine with an amazing survival story.
Update: (11-12-11) Daniel has been adopted. The Dwyer family from Nutley, NJ. has been selected from a slew of applicants. The little marvel has no idea just how much his story has impacted animal lovers – a rally has been organized in his honor and will take place Sunday to urge lawmakers to end the horrific practice of gassing dogs: see details here. Daniel be living out the rest of his days in a peaceful home with four other dogs and the Dwyer’s two children. Welcome home!
– end update

The rescue group coordinated the transport of a very lucky dog from the south. The male beagle, Daniel, was flown north from Florence, Alabama by Pilots n Paws after a failed euthanasia attempt at an animal control office. 18 dogs were placed in that gas chamber, and shelter workers were blown away when they opened the door and Daniel walked out – unharmed and wagging his tail.

Daniel will soon be available for adoption from Eleventh Hour Rescue.

6 thoughts on “Miracle Dog Survives Alabama Gas Chamber, Finds New Home”

  1. Fab dog, so happy he is out and at a rescue. I hope he finds his own furever home soon. So adorable.
    I can’t help but feel terrible for the 17 other poor dogs that perished. It needs to end NOW!

  2. None of them should of been in the gas chamber in the first place. But he is one lucky dog. poor thing must of been so scared everyone around him dying that horrible way 🙁

  3. Why why why why is this even allowed to happen!!!!!??? This report has made me so angry. I had no idea this was common practice in the US. This is such a cruel and dispicable way to end animals lives. This kind of mass murder should have ended with the Nazis. I am in disbelief that a nation supposed as advanced and civilised as the United States can allow and the authorities condone this kind of practice. How those “shelter” workers sleep at night I have no idea. You should be ashamed!!!!!! 🙁

    • Don’t blame the shelter workers!!!!!! They are caring people who are doing a terrible job that is only done because people are still dumping animals at shelters because they are considered “disposible”!!! They are still allowed to breed animals, allow their animals to run loose, and dump them off and get new ones whenever they feel like it. Something needs to do something about society in general so that the shelter workers no longer have to euthanize animals! Trust me, those shelter workers probably can’t sleep at night because of compassion fatigue! Look it up sometime.
      Former shelter worker.

      • I do NOT blame the shelter workers! I know what you guys go through, having to deal with the poor decisions of other people who won’t spay/neuter their pets, and other irresponsible behavior.

        Gas chambers are not the worst end an animal can meet, people. Homeless dogs die of exposure, starvation, disease, or being hit by a cars. Also, other animal facilities use methods that are even LESS humane, like “heart sticks” and decompression chambers (when they don’t even want to spend the $$ on the gas). Now, THAT’S cruelty!

  4. This should never ever happen in the first place. Why are we gassing innocent animals when criminals are walking free and we abolished gas chambers as a cruel means of the death sentence. Murderers get to die by lethal injections. Animals have done nothing to deserve dying and particularly in this way. What kind of people are we?


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