Missing Corgi Reunited with Family After 11 Years

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A Las Vegas family is celebrating the return of their lost Corgi after spending more than four thousand days apart.

Michelle and Kipp Blauer bought Duncan, a corgi, for their two boys 11 years ago. And then he vanished. “Then one day he was gone, just disappeared,” Kipp said.

The family searched the neighborhood and local shelters, putting up fliers and hoping for good news. As time passed they were forced to accept the fact that they would likely never see Duncan again.

Thanks to a microchip, they were eventually proven wrong. “I got a call from this lady in Missouri and she says I have your dog, and I’m like ‘what dog?'” Kipp said.

Apparently, Duncan had ended up in a shelter where he was adopted by an elderly woman. “She was an elderly lady and the dog ended up being her companion for about ten years,” Kipp says.

Duncan’s adopter eventually passed away, and afterward her daughter took Duncan with her to Missouri. He got loose and was picked up by a local rescue group. They were surprised to learn that Duncan had a microchip: nobody had ever bothered to check for it.

On Monday night, after more than a decade, Duncan was reunited with his original family. “I never would have thought it, I never would have thought it, not in a million years,” Michelle said. “But you know, life is strange, you never know what is going to happen.”

11 thoughts on “Missing Corgi Reunited with Family After 11 Years”

  1. Why don’t vets check dogs for micrchips automaticaly? I would hate to think that the chip in my dogs would not help me to get them back fast if they were lost. I am glad that the dog went home but after ten years?

    • I had a friend of mine who works as a volunteer for the SPCA where I live. Her cat came up missing and she looked all over for it and even hit the SPCA a couple of times. And when she found her cat… it was a day after the SPCA had put it to sleep… even more disturbing, it was microchipped. The tech said that they didn’t have time to check to see if the animals are chipped or not. Makes you wonder, how many microchipped pets actually do get put down because the technicians don’t have time or don’t care to check and see if the pet has an owner.

      • Ok–I’m furious. I hope your friend sought legal counsel or at least made this info public. What SPCA is this? When did this occur? They need their policies changed IMMEDIATELY. This should have been on all the local media outlets in your area. Public outcry would likely make things change. This shuld NEVER, EVER happen. Their is NO EXCUSE for it.

        • You would think that people who love and care for animals and get them back to good health would also be the ones to help reunite these pets to their owners…. Where is the heart in the work that they do? Where is their compassion? They don’t have time to save a life? What the hell are they doing in that profession??? This angers me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree! Our local shelter always scans dogs, and for a shelter to say they don’t have the time is just borderline criminal. How do they have time to feed, water and walk the dogs if they don’t have 10 seconds to see if someone actually owns the dog. It would save the fee of euthanasia and disposal as well!! I would contact the local news station and have them do a report on what the owner was told. That might get somethings changed!!

    As for the missing Corgi, I am glad he was reunited with his former family but I would probably tell the daughter to keep the dog, if she wanted to. He has known the daughter for 11 years and it would be less stressful on him in the long run.If it were my dog, which it isn’t 😉

  3. Makes me wonder if my missing Chihuahua (has microchip) was picked up, turned into a shelter & adopted or euthanased. Why advertise products for pets if no one is going to take the time to check? I mean how long does it take to scan a pet?? There needs to be stricter laws on people that abuse animals. Better ways to let it be known that you’ve lost your pet, posting ads, putting up signs just isn’t enough. I put up a sign I paid $80.00 for & the next day the sign was GONE!! Laws that punish folks that pick up a lost pet & don’t try to find it’s legal owners. They just don’t know the heart break that the owner goes through. It’s been 10 months I still look every where & cry for her.

  4. The mandatory microchipping needs to be put into local ordinances. Request at a public meeting with commissioners, city council members, or whatever the local authority may be to have shelters and vets scan for a microchip before rendering any type of service. This needs to be done at the local level. I know microchips have reunited lost pets with their owners…best thing if utilized properly.


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