Missing Injured Oklahoma EMT Mascot Hobbles Back Home

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On September 19, 2014, Major Ten Seven, a black mix dog, adopted by EMSA employees from Post 41 in Oklahoma City, Okla., was clipped by a car. She was hurt and in a panic she ran away. For hours, her caretakers searched the area but couldn’t locate her. Fourteen hours after the accident, the pet came out from hiding and slowly hobbled back to Post 41, her home.

Tony McCarty hugs Major Ten Seven after she walked back home. Photo Credit: Tony McCarty
Tony McCarty hugs Major Ten Seven after she walked back home. Photo Credit: Tony McCarty


Just a year prior to this accident, Major Ten Seven showed up at the station’s front door. The EMTs immediately took her in and made her the station’s mascot and therapy dog. At the end of the day, first responders need someone they could turn to help them forget sad and upsetting scenes they see every day.

The accident happened when the dog attempted to cross the street to say hello to someone, but in the moment she crossed, a car drove by and did not stop for her. Even after the accident, the car kept on driving.

EMSA workers desperately searched the area because they knew Major Ten Seven was hurt, but it wasn’t until 10:00 p.m. that Friday night that the dog was found.

Late that night the injured dog quietly walked into the station and she was warmly welcomed by all. EMSA Support Services Manager Tony McCarty sat on the ground and gave her a big hug.

Since the pet was walking on just three legs many feared her back right leg was broken. Her family took her to a veterinarian and it was learned no bones were broken but she did have extensive tissue damage that needed to be closely monitored.

Major Ten Seven at the vet clinic. Photo Credit: Tony McCarty
Major Ten Seven at the vet clinic. Photo Credit: Tony McCarty

Major Ten Seven spent a few nights at the vet, she was on pain medications and her wound needed constant dressing changes. In the end, she did lose a toe but is expected to be back to normal in a few weeks.

“She will be on total disability for the next two to three weeks,” McCarty posted on the dog’s Facebook wall. “Then [she] will be on light duty for a while.”

Welcome home Major Ten Seven and feel well soon!

27 thoughts on “Missing Injured Oklahoma EMT Mascot Hobbles Back Home”

    • So happy your beloved mascot was able to find her way back home, and is now doing much better. It is always so hard to understand how someone can hit an animal and never stop, turn back, or not even consider aiding and rushing the animal to a vet. If you injure an animal, you are responsible for the immediate medical aid and care. I would stop and get help for an animal whether I was responsible for the injury or not. Nothing would keep me from doing everything I could, even if I was on my way to work, wedding, or other important event. There would be nothing more important and human to do at that moment than to seek medical assistance for the animal. I can never begin to understand why anyone would think any differently. Accidents will sometimes happen, but it shows your true value as a human being how you handle the aftermath. This dog is loved and knew it, as shown by her working through great fear and pain to return to her caretakers. My respect to the EMT department and thanks for your care to humans and animals in need. Major Ten Seven is lucky to have you and it is obvious the feeling is mutual. Best wishes for full recovery beautiful Major, you bravely made your way back and deserve a love filled, fun life.


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