Missing puggle found clinging to pipe above New Jersey water pit

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Rosco went missing on last week. His family was beside itself searching. They feared the worst, but days later got the call they’d been hoping for.

Bayonne, NJ, firefighters rescued the 11-year-old puggle from near drowning after workers at a water plant heard barking coming from somewhere in their facility.

“Responding units found a puggle, an older puggle, holding onto a pipe in an approximate 8-foot pit full of water. Basically holding on so it doesn’t drown,” ayonne Fire Chief Keith Weaver told CBS News.

Rosco is so special, that brothers Drew and Jeff Adelung were dreading the idea of telling their 84-year-old father, Ken, that his beloved companion had gone missing.

“I knew that I was going to have to tell him and it was breaking my heart,” said Jeff Adelung.

Their father had been taken to a rehab center last Friday after suffering a fall. When the brothers returned later that night, they discovered Rosco had escaped through the kitchen door.

“The dog’s a little rascal and he ended up getting away,” Drew said.

They worried the news would affect their father’s recovery, and so delayed telling him in the hope that Rosco would be found. They posted flyers, the hoped. When they heard the news that Rosco was safe, they felt so much gratitude and relief.

Water plant employees called the fire department upon hearing the barks in an unused portion of the plant. Rescuers were able to reach him, cuddling the pup in a blanket before bringing him to a vet for examination. Drew told CBS New York he raced to the vet when the Bayonne police called. His father, Ken, had gotten Rosco after his mother passed away.

“All I can tell you is it is a miracle,” Jeff said.

The brothers, with dread, had been planning to finally tell their dad on Wednesday that Rosco was missing. Now they can instead share a story with a wonderfully happy ending.

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  1. I don’t Think as a Society We really realize HOW very important our Canine & Feline Companions are to Many! Many! of our Elders ( of which I now am) ! My Grandparents had Never had a pet until my Grandfather retired from the UP Railroad and they moved to a life of retirement in Golden, Colorado . My Mom had gotten them a cute little mixed breed female they named “Yakki” because of her strange little bark … Oh how they loved and cherished that little pup… about twelve years later my Grandpa called me at work sobbing so hard I couldn’t really understand him and he said ” Penny we lost of Girl this Morning! ” I thought he was talking about Grandma , who had been suffering and declining from Parkinson’s disease, he was so distraught . Then with further questioning I discovered it was Yakki their beloved little dog that died suddenly of a heart attack…
    I drove down there over the weekend to be with them over a eight hundred mile round trip and they were devastated beyond belief. Shortly there after they sold there home and moved up with me for the remainder of their lives… although I had several dogs that attempted to share their love , both my Grandparents grieved until their own deaths a couple years later… I am so glad this story had a happy ending for the whole family … ESPECIALLY ROSCOE!!!!!


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