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Mister Mo’s Cookbook Helps Raise Money to Assist Senior Dogs

by Fred

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Life in the Dog House’s Chris and  Mariesa give some recipies from Mr. Mo’s Cookbook.  This is a special cookbook where not only are there many healthy options for your furry family members, but with each one sold, the proceeds goes to helping out senior dogs.


All of the delicious doggy treats in the cookbook were gathered from fellow dog lovers via Facebook.  People were encouraged to submit a recipe along with a photo of their dog.  Many entries were received, and even though they all sounded great, they had to narrow things down until a useful cookbook was born.


4.8.15 - Mr Mo's cookbook4


The recipes had to also be relative simple to do.  They had to consist of things that most people already have in their kitchen or pantry.  This way you can make something tasty and healthy, without a ton of extra shopping necessary.


4.8.15 - Mr Mo's cookbook3


Some of the recipes look and sound so good, some of them might be tasty to us humans, as well as our dogs!


4.8.15 - Mr Mo's cookbook2


It would also seem that dogs are actually very handy to have around in the kitchen.  They are always ready, willing and able to assist with cleaning up.  Especially if when you cleaning up, you mean eating any leftovers or scraps of food you didn’t use!


4.8.15 - Mr Mo's cookbook1


If you’d like more information on The Mr. Mo Project, you can click Here.  If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the cookbook, and help keep some senior dogs out of shelters, you can go to and searching for the Mr. Mo Cookbook, or you can click here.


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