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Mother Dog with Missing Limb and Her Babies Rescued from Roadside in California

by Fred

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6.21.16 - Faith2

A 6-year-old mother dog that had very recently given birth to her litter, along with her babies, have been rescued from a roadside field in California.  The poor dog was found to be missing a front paw, and it’s truly a miracle that she survived at all.  Regardless, she’s being cared for, and there’s a very good chance she’ll make a full recovery.

She was found in a field along Harley Knox Boulevard and Interstate 215 near the city of Perris.  She had been the repeated target for a local rescue group, but she managed to evade capture for quite a while.  The rescue group put out traps in the hopes of getting her before she gave birth, but that obviously didn’t happen.

“We believe she was living on the run, always on the move,” said Liz White.  White is the director of the Retrievers & Friends of Southern California.  Retrievers & Friends is a not-for-profit shelter that serves the Temecula Valley, Orange, and San Diego counties.  “She may have possibly been run over, which is why her arm is like that … We were worried about infections spreading to the bones.”

2.21.16 - FaithFEAT

“We weren’t sure how she’d be when she first came in,” said White.  “We expected a wild, aggressive alligator, but she’s been nothing but kind, sweet and gentle.  They are all very well behaved, and she is healing amazingly.  The puppies are over 4 weeks old, and they are very sweet, big and beautiful.”

The staff at the shelter have taken to calling her Faith, and her puppies are called Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Blessing.  A GoFundMe page has been started for Faith and her family.  If you’d like to check it out of possibly donate, you can click here.

If you’re in the area, or are just interested in adoption information on Faith or her puppies, you can call 951-696-2428 or email them at [email protected].