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Mr Molson’s Family Is Making the Most of What Time He Has Left

by Fred

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No one likes to find out that someone that they love very much is sick and doesn’t have a long time left before they go.  However, there are a number of different ways of looking at the situation, and sometimes, things aren’t as bad as they may seem.  Well, when Mister Molson’s family found out he had terminal cancer, they decided to look at it as an opportunity to maximize the quality of the time he has left with them.

Tim Griffin is Molson’s human dad, and the minute he found out that Mister Molson was sick he took to the internet.  He knew that he wanted to make every single last moment with his beloved dog to be the best it could possibly be, so he asked for some help putting together a bucket list.  Ever since, it’s been one adventure after another for him, and he’s really enjoying himself.

So far, Molson has gone to the beach, been in a police car and a firetruck, he’s fallen in love and gotten married, and was even “elected” president!  OK, so he was elected president of the local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers elected him honorary president so he could check being president of something off the list.

“A lot of this stuff happened with people I’ve never met before,” said Griffin.  “It’s good to see there’s still a sense of community.”

Griffin knows that a lot of the adventures Molson gets to go on are more for him and his family than for Molson.  Sure, what dog wouldn’t love to get to have some really great food, like a juicy steak or some ice cream?  However, Griffin is also doing a lot of this for his young children.  He wants to help them form happy memories to look back on later in life, and know that they too were very special.

For now, Griffin and his family will continue to spend all the quality time they can with Molson, and go on as many adventures as his health will allow.  In fact he most recently was a lifeguard, got to work alongside some EMTs in an ambulance, and got to take the Canine Good Citizen Test which he passed with flying colors.

If you’d like to keep up with Molson’s bucket list adventures, click here for the Griffin’s blog.