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Mudslide Almost Claims Dog’s Life

by Katherine

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Strong rain storms in most of South America have caused mudslides claiming many lives. In Chañaral, Chile, a dog almost lost his life when he became trapped in a mudslide, luckily for the pet, the garbage carried by the slush formed a layer the dog used to walk to safety.

Photo Credit: YouTube.
Photo Credit: YouTube.


Witnesses watch in amazement how the mudflow suddenly takes over surrounding areas. Amid the landslide there is a dog hanging to his life while he floats on top of garbage piles.

Locals are desperate to help the dog, but no one is willing to risk their lives by jumping in the strong muddy current. What scares witnesses the most is the dog could easily become trap in the garbage and mud and be crushed to death.

Photo Credit: YouTube.
Photo Credit: YouTube.


Fortunately, the pet is able to quickly maneuver his way through the garbage and reach safe land.

It is unknown if the dog was a stray. He could belong to a family who lost their home in the mudslide. What’s important is the dog did not lose his life.

Watch how the dog got out of this mess.