MY Bone!

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Nobody’s going to get this dog’s bone.  Not even himself!  Does he think someone’s trying to sneak up on him, or does he know the camera is on and recording?  Either way, that’s quite a performance!


61 thoughts on “MY Bone!”

  1. Very food aggressive. Poor little guy. Nikkole Sosna, did they really put him down? This is very very sad to me.

  2. Why does Life With Dogs post terrible stuff like this?? It’s not funny, not cute. It’s horrible behavior, and I totally believe Nikkole Sosna that this dog had a neurologic problem.

  3. This was so not funny. Dog was obviously distressed and his humans were just sitting there laughing. The kids in that video were learning the WRONG way to treat a pet. So sad…the adults should be ashamed of themselves.


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