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Mystery Max Is the Snuggly Lap Dog Who Doesn’t Know He’s 95 Pounds!

by Fred

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1.12.17 - Mystery Max1

Max, also known as Mystery Max is the ultimate snuggle beast!  His favorite thing in the world to do, is to hang about on lazy afternoons napping, and his favorite place to do it is wherever his favorite human happens to be!  The only trouble is, right now Max doesn’t have a family.  He’s with GDS Rescue of Iowa, and they think Max is just awesome.

Let’s let Mystery Max introduce himself:

1.12.17 - Mystery Max2

Hi everyone, my name is Max, aka Mystery Max! My foster family wasn’t sure what breeds I’m made up of (I prefer to just be a lap dog, but apparently that isn’t an official breed). They put a swab in my mouth and mailed it to someone who looked at my slobber. They said I’m a designer dog! 50% GSD and 50% Treeing Walker Coonhound. Here is my report:

I do love sitting on my foster dad’s lap (even though I weigh 95 pounds), but outside I’m an active boy with lots of energy to burn. I’m cool with car rides so maybe you can take me to the park for a run!

I like to play really RUFF with my doggy friends so I would do best in a home with other young, high energy dogs that don’t mind my style of play. (I’d be ok as an only dog too – more lap space for me!) I get along well with the other dominant-neutral dogs that are my size in my foster home, however, I don’t do well with small breeds. Annnddd I love to bark at and chase cats, hehe! After play time, I LOVE snuggling and getting attention from my people

1.12.17 - Mystery Max3

I know the basic commands but would like a family who could continue my training. I walk well on a leash with a little pull. I probably need to be crated during the day so that I don’t get into anything while you are gone. I do pretty well in my crate but will make a fuss sometimes. Having other dogs around seems to help me stay a bit calmer though!

Because I am such a tall guy and an excellent jumper, I will need a home with a secure 5-6 foot fence so I don’t accidentally get lost. I have been known to sneak under a chain link fence before so a wood fence or very secure chain link fence is super important!

My adoption fee is $200.

Visit to fill out an application and learn more about our adoption process. Our dogs are all fostered in volunteer homes. Meets and greets are only available by appointment after the application has been processed.

All of our dogs are adopted as indoor house pets. No permanent outside runs or tie outs are allowed.

1.12.17 - Mystery Max4

Adoption fees:
$350 – 0 to 6 months
$325 – 7 to 12 months
$300 – 1 to 5 years
$250 – 6 years and older
$200 – mixed