Nathan the Floppy Puppy Needs a Home

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Nathan was born to a Great Dane breeder who gave the puppy up because he wasn’t perfect.

They believed his mother may have sat on him shortly after he was born, injuring his neck. He was saved from being euthanized when a last minute call was made to MEOW’s Canine Division. At six weeks old and 17 pounds, Nathan was a happy puppy, but with one complication: his head flopped to the left most of the time due to cerebellar disease.

UPDATE (11-15-11) Nathan has been adopted!  Nathan’s foster mom, Kelly Starbuck, shared the good news. Ballard resident and dog owner Colby Underwood, who already owns a five-year-old Great Dane (that was seriously abused before adoption) is Nathan’s new owner.  “They seem really comfortable and happy together,” Underwood says of Nathan and his older Dane, Danny Boy.

Underwood has committed to continuing Nathan’s agility training at River Dog, a canine coaching service in Issaquah, and expects this to be a long term arrangement that suits Danny and Nathan perfectly. “They’re both mantle colored,” Starbucks says. “They are perfect little bookends.”
–end update

When excited, he circled to the left, unable to get his bearings. Holding his head in a straight position and moving forward in a straight line was nearly impossible. In every other way, Nathan was a normal, playful pup with a great appetite. Soon after his arrival, he was seen by neurologist Dr. Sean Sanders at SVS in Kirkland, who diagnosed him with cerebellar disease, which may be related to injury, birth defect or some form of disease process.

A canine coaching service in Issaquah, Washington, River Dog, has helped Nathan to improve his balance and walking with agility training. His adopter will be required to keep him in agility training for some time in order to hone his motor skills.

If you are interested in this beautiful special needs boy, please visit

19 thoughts on “Nathan the Floppy Puppy Needs a Home”

  1. I hope that he is not in any pain. He seems happy enough. Will the disease get worse? I hope that he is going to be okay. Good luck little dog and may you find that great home that you need and deserve.

  2. OMG! I love the snoring at the end!

    This is one adorable pup. It is amazing how physical therapy can improve even the most challenging disabilities.

    I am quite confident Nathan will have his forever home soon. How could anyone resist that bundle of cuteness.

  3. This sweet pup has so much love to give! What a doll! I hope he finds a wonderful forever home that will love him for the beautiful boy he is! I’m so happy he was given a chance to heal and get better.

  4. How sad! He is such a beautiful dog to boot! We had one, like him long ago. Unfortunately, his disease is not curable and will only get worse with time. The exercises will not keep him from getting worse. Maybe they should have just gone ahead and put him down so he will not suffer.

      • “why don’t YOU just post ok”????????? Sorry, that doesn’t make sense. What were you trying to say. Try again if you like, and this time, think it through a little better….. Carry on…..

      • Just what I thought Debra ~ how negative can someone be?! I wish I was in the USA ~ I would be first in the que. He’s sooooooooooo cute. ♥

  5. Call me at 910-382-9941. We are willing to give hime a forever home if you cannot find someone locally. We currently have two Great Danes and would welcome him with open arms,

  6. I am so glad when I was broken and twisted up people didnt give up on me!God Bless you at Life With Dogs and God Bless Nathan.

  7. Go Nathan. We wanted you sooooo bad, but it looks like distance and the over abundance of others that want you will put an end of our quest to get you. Have a great life buddy and we are here if you need us!!


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