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Neglected Blind and Deaf Dog Recovers and Enjoys Life Again

by Katherine

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When a picture of Prince Muttley, a blind, deaf and matted dog circulated Facebook he was unrecognizable. He resembled trash more than any living being, but nevertheless, Chicago-based animal organization One Tail at a Time (OTAT)  did not hesitate to help save him.

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On OTAT volunteer posted his pictures hoping a rescue organization stepped up to help because his previous owner was an elderly woman who couldn’t take care of him.

His fur which should have been white was gray instead. It was so overgrown and caked together with debris and fecal matter that rescuers couldn’t tell where his legs, tail or ears were.

The neglected dog only had one tooth and it was cracked. He also suffered from an ear infection and needed immediately medical assistance.

“He was up there in the worse shape of dog I’ve ever seen,” Heather Owen, OTAT’s executive director told

After a bath, a grooming session and after receiving medical care, Prince Muttley moved in to a foster home. His foster mom Imelda Corona showers him with love daily and thanks to her care the little dog that everyone thought would just live a few more weeks – maybe one or two months, regained a strong will to live.

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He might be an elderly pet with some health issues, but he still has many more golden years ahead of him.

“Just because the dog doesn’t have any more teeth or limited vision, doesn’t mean he is not happy any more,” said Corona. “Those two months or two year can essentially mean the world to the dog and go pass on remembering those last few years. The best years they’ve had. It just makes it all worth it.”


Saving Prince Muttley

Prince Muttley was found nearly blind and deaf with severely matted fur, but wait'll you see his STUNNING transformation thanks to some kind-hearted rescuers! <3

Posted by on Thursday, March 3, 2016