Neighbors Rally Against Inhumane Treatment of Dog

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11.4.15 - neglect2

A man that lives in a Houston, Texas condo complex had enough of what was going on in the unit above him.  Someone leaves their dog out on the back patio.  The dog never gets walked or payed any attention to, and no one cleans up after him, and this neighbor had enough.

According to a Facebook post, the complaining neighbor said, “You’ve left him on that wood-plank floored porch for the past three days!  And the dog’s piss and everything else is dripping down on my head when I’m sitting on my patio.”

In response, the man decided to simply tape a diaper to the dog’s hind quarters.  To fix an issue the lazy person had with the dog crying too much while left alone, he put a rubber band around the dog’s mouth.

Once again, the Facebook page had this to say:

“Today, they were ‘decent’ enough to replace the phone cord with a thick rubber band!”


The pictures are heart breaking and just plain wrong, but the neighbors felt someone needed to do something.  After looking into things, it was discovered that the Harris County Animal Control has been called at least 14 times in relation to this particular dog.  Four different residents of the complex have complained, and according to neighbors, no one has responded.

Feeling that animal control hasn’t actually done anything to help, the neighbors called the local sheriff’s department.  Officers were dispatched to the scene, but once again, neighbors are saying that nothing was done.

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In the video included, you can hear where one of the officers does his best to minimize the neglectful person’s actions by saying, “It’s not even his dog.  He’s taking care of it for someone else.”

To which a very upset citizen responds, “Taking care of im is wrapping his mouth up?”

The officer then goes on to say that the man didn’t know anything about caring for a dog, but knows what to do now because they told him.  Then, the woman gets a lecture from the officer for complaining.

“Would you feel safe if for any reason someone came to your place, knocking on your door?” asks the cop.

At the time of this writing, it isn’t clear what, if anything, is going to be done to further assist the dog.  Local and national news agencies attempted to contact the sheriff’s department, but no one would talk, nor return any phone calls.

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359 thoughts on “Neighbors Rally Against Inhumane Treatment of Dog”

  1. Get me an address for this poor dog or the complex name and I will see to it something is done, this is just inhumane.. That poor baby.

  2. Someone needs to go rescue this dog because no one is taking responsibility and helping. Ignorant losers

  3. IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR FREAKING BAD BEHAVIOR! Both the cop and the moron who doesn’t take care of that poor animal r u guys that stupid! They both deserve to be beaten just for fun and they have no regard for life!

  4. i would love to do this cruel treatment to the person who did this to the poor helpless dog. i can’t understand why some people are capable of doing this cruel act. i wish all heartless people like this dog owner would one day suffer the same fate so that he/she will know how it is to be treated so cruelly. i wish people like this dog owner just vanished from the earth forever so that no dog will ever suffer.

  5. I have experience with animal welfare and law enforcement that allows me a perspective that may not be easily understood by the general public. It is not my intention to minimize the neglect of this animal. I only wish to provide some insight. This dog is not emaciated. Thin or underweight maybe, but not emaciated. Animal Control agencies are very understaffed and therefore have to prioritize. This dog may be considered by some to be “neglected” and the complainant has cetainly done the correct thing to report the situation. HOWEVER there are animals in far worse situations that have had to wait longer for relief since this complainant has tied up resources repeatedly demanding that the agencies handle the matter her way. She has blown the situation way out of proportion and basically fanned the flames. Often times complainants such as this one make situations make matters worse for everyone, including this dog.


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