New Orleans residents come together to rescue drowning Pit Bull

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I’d guess that many of us have been involved in a situation like this at some point. It’s wonderful to see what a little collective effort can amount to.

A dozen or so New Orleans residents gathered Tuesday to save a Pit Bull from drowning in the 17th Street canal. The panicked dog kept changing direction and swimming for miles in either direction, but could not find a way to safety. “She was so just thankful and sweet. She was shivering. I don’t know if it was from being so tired or what, or cold. So we just held her. We tried to give her food, which she didn’t want. She was just in shock,” described Michelle Ingram of Zeus’ Place, the rescue that will eventually adopt out the rescued pooch.

Dr. Jackson (the vet caring for the dog) says DeDe, short for ‘ditch dog,’ has heart worms, intestinal worms and skin irritation from bug bites. From the marks on her neck and calluses on her legs, she believes DeDe spent time tied up somewhere. It looks like she had a litter of puppies in the last several months. She looks to be about a year and a half or two. Once spayed, cured and fattened up, she’ll be fully recovered and ready for a good loving home.

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24 thoughts on “New Orleans residents come together to rescue drowning Pit Bull”

  1. awwww…..poor DeDe….infested with all those buggies. I hope the doggie doctor can fix her up.
    that was very brave of those humans to save her. good job humans!!!

    • thank god for caring people Pits are not the all evil dog they are taged with my best and loving dog for 18 years was a pit that looked a lot like DD will when she is well.

  2. greyt job wonderful human rescuers!

    what is truly sad about this story is that dede represents a large portion of the dogs in that area. they are disposable and continually bred because most die of heart worm at a young age. and dog fighting is common there. witnessed this first hand after katrina. a different and brutal world for dogs, one that most can’t even contemplate.

    dede’s trauma in the canal will end up being the best thing that ever happened to her.

  3. That’s sure a lot of pain suffering to pack into the first two years of this little girl’s life. Here’s hoping the rest of her life makes up for a really awful start.


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