New Standards for BC Sled Dog Owners Include Instructions for Shooting Them

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Animal rights groups in British Columbia say new guidelines created in response to the 2010 slaughter of 52 sled dogs amount to one step forward and two steps back. Those new guidelines include instructions on how to “humanely shoot a dog.”

The Sled Dog Code of Practice, created in response to the April 10, 2010 slaughter of 52 sled dogs include a section titled Guidelines for shooting domestic animal species.

Figures are included that show proper positioning for a kill shot.

“Once the dog has relaxed, it can be taken outside, the leash secured to a solid object, and the dog offered some food. The firearm is then aimed at a point midway between the level of the eyes and the base of the ears, but slightly off to one side so as to miss the bony ridge that runs down the middle of the skull.”

Animal rights advocates are appalled at the decision to incorporate killing instructions in the Code of Practice, and urge sled dog owners to see a vet when euthanization is necessary.

8 thoughts on “New Standards for BC Sled Dog Owners Include Instructions for Shooting Them”

    • Debbie,
      When I read this post I thought to myself this must be an isolated view of how to kill a dog . As you must know they have killed 100 unwanted sled dogs last year and put them in mass graves some ==with their 1 SHOT KILL ===LEFT A NUMBER ALIVE AND SUFFERING . These people are maniacal and if you read from post to post its just a conversation in Murder back AND FORTH ON THE BEST WAY TO EXTERMINATE A HEALTHY ANIMAL. Amazing and thats why the world and all of its Creatures are in peril. Reading the posts below show the difference in our countries, Now more than ever Animals need our help. Its nice to read posts from level headed peple===Peace ===Marcie

  1. Bastards evidently don’t have a heart or concern about another living organism it makes me sick to know that there are humans out there that are capable of destroying lives that easily,

  2. YES Debbie the whole community HAS gone mad. In fact – I would level that charge against the BC SPCA itself which took more than a year to “investigate” the sled dog massacre and charges still have not been brought against the man who did it. What would you call the madness? You would call it good old fashioned GREED. The owner of the company that had the sled dog entertainment service managed by the man who slaughtered the sled dogs is an incredibly wealthy son of one of the wealthiest men in Canada, whose own companies own ski resorts including VAIL – and in fact that family corporation relocated its headquarters to Denver last year when this whole thing hit the news.

    The dogs were massacred because the owner of the company wanted a bigger profit margin. the owner of the company ordered the killings. The crazy evil employee (who actually managed the company and in fact owned the company before the current owner and who killed even his own dogs and those belonging to his kids) after he tortured and killed more than 50 dogs had the nerve then to claim mental disability caused by the “trauma” of what he did and as far as local newspaper reports say is still collecting disability payments.

    The legislation that was passed was passed as a sop to animal welfare activists and designed in the long run to protect the Canadian sled dog “tourist entertainment” industry.

    Greed. Plain, pure and simple. Greed to the level of madness. As long as the money keeps on a-comin’ in preferably from non-Canadian tourists bringing in “free new money” to the economy, it does not matter who has to suffer.

  3. What the hell? Ok they are nuts. The BC provincial government is advocating murdering huskies that have worked their whole lives to benefit humans for monetary gain. I am ashamed to be a Canadian at this moment in time.

    Shame on them for doing this – they should be thrown out of office!

  4. Unbelievable!! This makes me so sick!!! These dogs are used and then slaughtered and now it is only going to get worse!!! I am just in shock that just when I think I have seen everything something like this happens and breaks my heart all over again! These poor dogs!!!

    • so…Christy J Wiebe (TOP COMMENTER) do you have any experience with doing this yourself? or are you just arguing a point for the sake of arguing.

      Have you witnessed sledogs that you have raised, loved and then watched get slaughtered because they no longer “perform” up to standards of a WINING race team? I suggest you get a few years experience under your belt before you defend something you know nothing about.

      There is NO HUMANE way to KILL an animal that is not suffering–and many, MANY kennels kill every year to make room for the new puppies–the mushers next ego trip.

      You are just another one of them-IGNORANT!

      Take me on,. I dare you!


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