New State Law Would Allow Citizens to Save Dogs in Hot Cars

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6.7.15 - Law to Save Dogs in Hot Cars0

In most areas, it is only legal for police officers to smash a window and save a pet left in a car to freeze or bake to death. But a life can be lost in the time it takes for police to come, so a lawmaker in New York is aiming to amend the laws to allow passersby to save animals in peril.

Current law in New York makes it illegal to leave pets in hot or cold cars, but only police or humane society officers are allowed to save them without criminal or civil repercussions. Assemblyman John Ceretto has created a bill which would allow ordinary citizens to do the right thing when all else fails.

6.7.15 - Law to Save Dogs in Hot Cars1

Obviously people can’t just put on their hero pants and go around busting up windows every time they see a dog in a car. Temperatures would have to be life-threatening, and the person would have to have made every effort to find the owner or a police officer.

In addition to the protection from arrest, the animal rescuer would also not be liable for any damages incurred. Guess who’d have to pay?

6.7.15 - Law to Save Dogs in Hot Cars2

Any pets that would be removed from a sweltering or freezing car would be taken to a designated animal shelter after receiving emergency veterinary care, and the hero would have to leave a notice on the vehicle with their name and the contact information of where the pet would be taken.

To read the bill in its entirety, click here.

10 thoughts on “New State Law Would Allow Citizens to Save Dogs in Hot Cars”

  1. Gold law! After the pet gets rescued, let’s put the stupid owners in a locked car in the hear and see how they like it!

  2. I agree that this law needs to be passed. Nothing makes me madder than to see a dog sitting in a hot car with the windows all the way up or barely cracked. In the past, I have called Animal Control. But that takes time. Something needs to be done right away. I also think people should be fined for leaving a dog unattended in a car—-especially when it can get hot.

    • I agree You cant take your dog out in the 80—-100 degree weather in a car
      and leave them I leave my dog water even when its 60 degrees

  3. Please pass this law put a stop to animal abuse they don’t need to be left in hot cars you wouldn’t want to be left in a hot car so don’t treat your pets that way people can be so cruel and heartless.

  4. That photo with the husky is heartbreaking! I would be more than happy to leave a not so kind note on an abusive owners car.


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