New Texas Law Protect Pets From Domestic Violence

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The American Humane Association reports that 71 percent of  battered women who own pets say that their abusers had threatened, maimed or killed family pets as a means of intimidation – or out of revenge.

In order to prevent pets from being used as pawns in abusive relationships, TX lawmakers have embraced new legislation that will provide specific protections for pets subjected to violence in their homes. And while domestic abuse may never be completely eradicated, those involved in spearheading protective programs for victims say this represents a big step in the right direction.

7 thoughts on “New Texas Law Protect Pets From Domestic Violence”

  1. Now it needs to be published everywhere so no one can say “I didn’t know”. Even if ignorance won’t be an argument, Knowing it is against the law may be an inhibition….

  2. YEAH!!!!! Finally, some laws to protect our pets. This is a law that needs to be incorporated in every state! Let’s see if we can all make that happen!


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