Nina – On the Road to Recovery

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Nina is on the road to recovery after running the highway, lost and sick, for months.

In late July in La Ronge, Sasketchewan, Diana Lapworth was headed home when she thought she saw a fox running along the highway. She slowed down and realized it was a dog wearing a red collar. “I stopped and I tried to catch it but she just wouldn’t come to me,” Diana said. “She was too scared.” Back home, Diana got on Facebook, trying to locate the dog’s owners or anyone who might know something about the dog. One man posted that he’d seen the dog along the highway for the past several months but figured the dog lived in the area so he didn’t try to catch it, and other people  posted that they had seen the dog, too.

Still, no one came forward as the owner. Diana was determined to catch the dog so she borrowed a coyote trap from the Saskatchewan Environment Resource Management. Diana put the trap where she’d seen the dog. The trap was empty every time Diana checked it and after several days she decided to move the trap. It was raining cats and dogs – literally –  and the dog was in the trap!

The dog started growling but as Diana talked to it, the scared young dog cowered, laid her ears back, and peed. Diana got the dog home and when she let the dog came out of the trap, she knew it had a severe case of mange, was extremely thin, and had swollen paws. Diana uploaded photos of the dog to Facebook, asking for help. In a matter of minutes, two Saskatoon rescue groups, Cause 4 Paws and We All Need a Rescue, responded with offers of help.

Diana met a Cause 4 Paws volunteer that evening and handed over the dog. They took it immediately to a veterinarian and the news was bad. The young dog had mange, an accelerated heart rate, high fever, and her feet were in really bad shape. Diana said, “She probably should have been put down, but we thought ‘no,’  you’re not going to go through hell and just be put down.”

Gwen Cave, foster Mom to “Nina,” says things are looking up for this sweetheart. Nina’s recovery has been nothing short of amazing. Nina is still being treated for mange but her other problems are under control. She’s playful, getting spoiled and loved on, and has a personality all her own.

Nina has racked up some pretty big bills. Cause 4 Paws would appreciate donations to help pay the $1,000 bill and so far, they’ve raised $200. Donations can be made through Paypal at under “highway pup medical bills.” For more information, or to adopt Nina, please contact Cause 4 Paws at 1-306-978-7278 or Diana Lapworth at 1-306-425-7577.