Nine Homeless Puppies Saved from High-Speed Road

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On June 11, 2014, the joint efforts of a Toms River, New Jersey, woman, police officers and animal control officers saved the lives of a homeless Jack Russell terrier momma dog and her nine puppies. The family of ten were saved from a certain death on a high-speed road.

Photo Credit: Toms River Police
Photo Credit: Toms River Police

Around 10:45 that morning, the woman and her two children spotted two small puppies and the mom dog. The trio was walking very close to the road near 1430 Hooper Ave. The woman was able to rescue the two puppies, but the mom dog ran away.

According to Ralph Stocco, police spokesman, the woman contacted authorities and Patrolman Eric Divone along Toms River Animal Control Officers Dale Beley, Tom Manolio and Stacy Garabics were dispatched to the location.

The officers searched the area and found a dug den near the sidewalk close to Hooper Avenue. There, seven more puppies were discovered. Animal control took custody of the seven dogs and the two puppies picked up from the road by the woman.

Since the momma dog was missing at the time the young dogs were found, a humane trap was set for her. Five hours later, she was safely trapped and transported to Toms River Animal Shelter to be reunited with her babies.

“A search is being conducted to locate the owner of the dogs. However, if no one claims them they will be placed up for adoption after a minimum wait of approximately three weeks,” Jim Bowen told

If interested in adopting any of the dogs, please contact the shelter at 732-341-1000, ext. 7300.


8 thoughts on “Nine Homeless Puppies Saved from High-Speed Road”

  1. Thanks to the Lady with compassion and a big heart that saved the little puppies and their mom from certain death. Also, thanks to the Toms River police department for being sensitive to the issue and extending the help that was needed. The save was possible due to their timely response. I wish all police departments were just as willing to help in similar situations when an animal is in imminent danger such as this.
    Beautiful ending. Hope they all find loving homes, including the mother.

  2. Please people stop getting animals you are not prepared to car for! And if you find you are over your head, don’t throw them away…they have feelings. Give them up to the relevant authority.

  3. I think one of these days The human Race will pay for all of it cruelty to innocent Animals, There has to be an accounting, and the people who do these things you be made to pay.


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