Nitro’s Law

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I ask that you take this in, visit the links provided, and do your best to spread the word. Each of us can influence this injustice in our own way, and a collective push could make the difference. I’ve provided an excerpt from a Facebook note below the video, but there is much more information available here and here.

This is tough to watch, but please do: it could very well signal the start of a movement to see that these dogs did not perish in vain.


This bill dies on Dec.31st after sitting for almost one year with no progress, because of the OHIO senate. HELP us to demand better for these hero dogs and all companion animals of Ohio & contact Chairman Tim Grendell Phone: (614) 644-7718 Email: [email protected] and PLEASE drop a line to Senator Seitz [email protected] who will vote NO on NITRO’S LAW because he doesn’t support FELONY LAWS for animal abusers because of ‘prison overcrowding’, “I am inclined not to support HB 70 because of prison overcrowding and the attendant fact that we will only make that problem worse by creating more felony offenses”–William J. Seitz.

On October 22, 2008 an elite dog training & boarding facility ‘High Caliber K-9’ in Youngstown, Ohio was raided. Steve Croley owner & trainer of High Caliber was arrested, charged, convicted on just 4 misdemeanor infractions for starving 19 dogs, 8 of which died. NITRO’S LAW is a legacy and testament in honor of a family’s Rottweiler that was starved to death at this man’s hands. Ohio House Bill 70  NITRO’S LAW passed the house but has been shelved in the Senate for nearly a year with time now running out. 8 dogs gave their life for a better Ohio…

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50 thoughts on “Nitro’s Law”

  1. Horrible!!
    Can’t even imagine the pain these people went through.
    There needs to be stricter laws for these people.

  2. I don’t have human children, I have dogs. They have always been there for me. I “lost” my beloved Sumo a year ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and wish that I had just gone with him. Some day I will find another, but for now….I have a rescue. I couldn’t watch the video, my eyes are to swollen from the tears. Put this man in a cage and starve him to death.

  3. As i sit here crying and sick to think that someone could do this to any dog anywhere.but this guy is absolute scum .and then to get off and be told he could never have dogs again . someone needs to do the same to him.

  4. This is why I would NEVER board my dogs. I don’t care how repitable a place is. Nobody is ever going to take care of your dog like you do. If my dogs can’t go then I don’t go. I don’t get it. All those dogs seem like they came from good homes with families that took very good care of them and were loved like family. Why on God earth would they leave them in a place that long without checking on them or at least have someone else check on them. I cried watching the video but I’m really confused how someone could leave their dog long enough for something like that to happen. Someone fill me in because I’m blown away.

      • You can find Senator Grenville’s address on Nitro’s Law on Facebook…without watching the video. If you can’t find it, send me an email and I will get it to you. Take care.

  5. i cannot even begin to express the horror im feeling right now! i mean, i thought i knew how cruel and selfish people could be, but this!!!!!! i have 2 dogs, and the thought of someone doing that to them….im a dog walker and sitter, and i hate boarding kennels because of stories that ive heard, but none of them were as horrifying as this one was. those poor people, the suffering that they must be going through right now. and it doesnt go away either. i lost a dog to a bad death 8 years ago and i still feel that acutely. Nitros law MUST go through. im in australia, and everyone i know that loves dogs will rooting for it to be passed aswell.

    • thankyou for that mr. and that is a good idea. i will get my friends together and contact that person listed. maybe with people emailing from out of the country will show them that this is something serious that needs taking care of. there is no way i would ever board my two dogs and my cat. especially after watching that video. im a dog walker and petsitter, and i do the pet sitting so that people wont have to board their animals. you hear enough stories even here in queensland to make you hair curl and make you reconsider using a boarding facility. on person i know left their little silky terrier i one such place, only to come home and find that their dog had a broken leg while being bathed. and the owners were charged for it to be taken to the facilities vet! unbelieveable! its all about greed and money these days, and animals are the ones being used for it. like the poor cats and dogs in china being used in fur farms.
      thanks again for your reply and hugs to your dogs.


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