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NJ Woman Killed Trying to Save Injured Dog in Traffic


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Piscataway, NJ resident Tiffany Jantelle passed away Sunday morning as a result of injuries sustained while trying to help an injured dog to safety.

Franklin Township police spokesman Sgt. Philip Rizzo said that Jantelle died from a head injury after she was struck by a passing vehicle around 1 a.m. Saturday night on Weston Canal Road. The 23 year-old woman was one of several people who had stopped to try to assist the injured canine. Jantelle was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, but doctors were unable to revive her.

Sadly, the dog was also lost. “The Franklin Township animal control officer responded to the scene and transported the injured dog to Animerge in Raritan, where it was learned that the dog had a broken back and was ultimately euthanized,” said Sgt. Phil Rizzo.

Witnesses said Jantelle was hit by a black Dodge pickup truck that stopped before fleeing the scene. Two white males were seen getting out of the vehicle momentarily before they saw Jantelle and took off. Witnesses describe it as a late model Dodge 2500 or 3500 series with a lift kit installed.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call Franklin Police  at (732) 873-5533, ext. 3168