Now Hear This: TV Commercial Made for Dogs

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Nestlé Purina has created the first-ever television commercial made especially for dogs.

The TV commercial is to be screened on Austrian television and uses different sounds – including a high frequency tone – to capture the attention of four-legged friends and their owners. We’ve not yet had a chance to show this to our pack, but would love to hear feedback from those of you who play this for your dog.

Did it get a reaction? Don’t blame us if your dog bites your laptop…

10 thoughts on “Now Hear This: TV Commercial Made for Dogs”

  1. My pup woke just long enough gave me an annoyed, tired look, almost like “Turn that noise off, and I’ll eat you if you buy that crap.”

  2. I played it three times and finally got Snow to open her eye a bit wider but I think that was because I was staring at her.


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