4 thoughts on “Now What?”

  1. Are you folks serious? The amount of dogs being surrendered to pounds, abused, PTS and neglected at this moment in time is unprecedented and here’s a dog who’s tail is wagging away, having found or been given a treat who then takes it to his comfortable safe bed all the while being filmed by it’s doting owner and all you see and comment on is the mess and the aesthetic of the home? A home whose owner might be a member of this site and is reading your childish insulting remarks. Nice. Real nice

  2. What a fantastic little dog, he deserved his baguette and I hope he had lots of water to wash his treat down with. as for the floor being untidy, well dogs are not renowned for there cleaning abilities and who cares they are worth it.

  3. To those who felt the need to comment on the home, having a messy home is vastly better than having bad manners.

    A messy floor can be easily cleaned, but a cruel heart that can make such unfeeling comments is not so easily fixed.

    To the video posters, thank you for sharing! I love your adorable doggie!


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