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NY Governor’s Office Signs Bill Allowing Dogs in Restaurants

by Fred

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10.28.15 - NY food!

It is now legal for people to eat at restaurants in New York state with their dogs.  As long as there is an outdoor patio to sit at and the dog isn’t causing any issues for other diners as well.

The new law is effective immediately, and permits restaurants to allow customers to have their dogs with them, in outdoor areas only.  The dog is not allowed to enter the building where food is being prepared.  Also, if the outdoor area requires one to pass through the building inside, the dogs cannot be brought in.

Up to now, only registered official guide dogs were allowed into restaurant eating areas in New York.  This is one of 39 new laws signed by Andrew Cuomo late Monday evening.  There were 22 bills he rejected, one of them having to do with the trapping and fixing of feral cats in New York.

The new law also requires businesses to have adequate signage advising that dogs are allowed on the patio areas for dining with customers.  All dogs must be on a leash and well behaved while at the restaurant at all times.  There are even rules that describe how a situation involving dog droppings are such are handled.

“Surfaces that have been contaminated by dog excrement or other bodily fluids shall be cleaned and sanitized,” according to the law.