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NYC Woman Reunites With Dog Three Years After She Went Missing

by Amy Drew

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Dedra Crawford thought her dog, Chi-Chi, died when she ran away three years ago, but last Friday got a phone call she’s calling nothing less than a miracle.

“I said, ‘I think we have your dog,’” said Dawn Pennington, an adoption coordinator at Kershaw County Humane Society, told CBS News.

Crawford adopted Chi-Chi while living in South Carolina. Six years later, in 2015, her dog disappeared just before a major flood hit the area. Crawford was devastated and searched high and low.

“I didn’t hear anything about her. I called shelters. I called sanitation people. I called everywhere,” Crawford said.

Years past. Crawford moved back to her native Queens with her family. Recently, she said, she’s been going through a bit of a crisis and then, Pennington’s call came. She says it has helped her get her mind off what’s been going on. She considers it a miracle.


The 10-year-old shepherd mix seemed delighted to be back with her original family.


What’s more, Pennington was willing to make the 12-hour, 600-mile trip to bring Chi-Chi back to her family.

“Oh my God. It feels like a blessing. I’m just so happy right now. And she’s back with us again and shes healthy looking,” Crawford said.

Another “miracle” microchip story, another happy reunion.

What’s next?

“Take her for a walk, and just have fun with her. Just love her for all the years she missed,” Crawford said.