Ocean Beach Lifeguard Uses Surfboard to Rescue a Dog

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On Nov. 5, 2014, Joey Riley was walking her 13-year-old German wirehaired dog named Rita, on the Dog Beach near the San Diego River in San Diego, Calif., when the senior dog got stuck in the river bed. Rita was submerged in mud up to her neck and needed immediate rescue.

Thankfully, a lifeguard was nearby and using his surfboard, he paddled towards the dog and saved her from her the mud.

Rita being rescued.
Rita being rescued.


Rita suffers from arthritic hips due her age and because of her ailments, she was unable to free herself.

When Riley realized her best friend was in trouble and she could reach her, the pet owner panicked, but fortunately an on-duty lifeguard came and rescued Rita.

The lifeguard was able to pull the senior pet from the mud and place her on his surfboard. He then paddled to a shallow area where Riley was anxiously waiting for her dog.

Rita didn’t suffer any injuries but she needed a good bath.